Mobile Phone with social media Video player

By 2020, it is estimated that video content will account for 75% of all mobile traffic.

Think about that for a second. Three quarters of everything people view on the web from the comfort of their smartphone will be video-based. Given how important the mobile web now is for anyone tasked with marketing a product or service, that is a very compelling statistic indeed.

But how should businesses leverage video on the web? What, exactly, should you be filming from your director’s chair?

Video camera filming at large sports events.

While behind-the-scenes tours, product reviews and training videos are all great ways to leverage this medium, few of them beat the customer testimonial as a way to promote just how fabulous a brand is.

The world we live in is now driven by consumer opinion where most buying journeys start and end with a sift through online reviews. The opinion of your customers absolutely counts when it comes to drawing in potential leads and there’s no better way to let them air their thoughts than via a video testimonial.

However, convincing customers to take part in such an exercise is often tricky. Given the nature of appearing in front of camera, many will feel reluctant or too nervous to do so, but we’ve got five tips that will help bring them out of their shell and onto your small screen.

1. Don’t resort to email

If you’ve sent out countless emails to customers requesting their participation in a video testimonial and have received zero replies, that’s for a reason – emails are easily ignored.

Get on the phone. If logistically possible, meet with them face-to-face. People usually respond well to human contact and if they can see you want nothing more than to promote both your company and their personal brand, they may just bite.

2. Time it right

Timing is everything. Don’t ask for a testimonial when a customer has just experienced a raft of issues. And, as tempting as it may be, don’t ask them to do so as soon as they have purchased – let them settle a while.

watch on arm keep track of time

3. Play down the filming process

Even if you’re employing the services of a professional video production company, make it clear to the customer that it won’t be akin to stepping foot on the set of the latest Star Wars movie – that should allay any fears that centre on nerves.

Bar the select few who love being in front of a lens, most people will retreat into their shell when they know their every move is being committed to celluloid. It is therefore vital that you emphasise just how relaxed and informal the filming process will be. It’ll be short, too – a great video testimonial may only have to be thirty seconds long.

4. Combine it with something else

Customers may be reluctant to deliver video testimonials if they feel that they will be the sole focus of attention. A great way around this is to combine the testimonial with something else.

For example, you could suggest a couple of hours at their premises filming them using your product, or invite them along to a conference at which your company is playing a part. The ability to slip in a video testimonial practically unnoticed in such scenarios is devilishly simple.

5. Reward them

There’s no getting away from it; sometimes, you’ll need to offer an incentive in order to get a video testimonial out of a customer. And there’s nothing wrong with that – they are, after all, placing themselves on public display.

Just remember the golden rule of incentives: offer something that doesn’t cost you but which is of value to them. A factory tour or free one-to-one training session are great examples.


On the whole, most people will do all they can not to appear in front of camera, which is why you may have had little luck when attempting to get customers to deliver video testimonials. However, try just one of the techniques above and you should find that they start to come forward far more readily, providing your marketing with an incredibly powerful tool.