Most of us aren’t very good at retaining what we read or hear.

That may surprise you, but the statistics suggest we remember just 20% of what we read and a mere 10% of what we hear.

It gets interesting when we’re given stuff to look at, because the same research highlighted that 80% of people remember what they see. This is why video content on the web remains such an important part of the modern marketer’s toolkit.

However, with so much focus on live action video, it’s easy to forget another form of moving imagery that represents a brilliant way to increase engagement on the web: animation.

You don’t need to be a Disney-employed, award-winning animator to get started, either; thanks to some devilishly simple animation apps, most people can begin exploring and putting to use this form of content as part of their marketing plan.

Here’s our five favourite animated video apps:

Logo for PowToon

1. PowToon

This is a great web-based app which offers a number of templates to get you started with video animation. You can create an educational clip, promotional video, slideshow or, if you’re feeling brave, start with an entirely blank canvas. Anyone who has used PowerPoint will find the PowToon interface almost immediately recognisable, enabling animated videos to be created quickly and completed with a pleasingly professional sheen.

Logo for Sparkol

2. Sparkol

Offering two animation tools, Sparkol is a great platform for creating whiteboard videos and turning static images into video content. It’s free to try, too! You’ll probably already have seen the kind of stuff Sparkol’s VideoScribe app can create. You simply add the elements you want to animate onto a virtual whiteboard and the software uses a human hand to ‘draw’ it for the viewer. You can take a photo or use an existing image to create a video – perfect for turning lifeless diagrams or charts into something far more visually appealing.

Logo for Moovly

3. Moovly

Another web-based video animation app, Moovly is all about storytelling. It offers three options when creating a new project; you can build a presentation, display ad or animated video. The latter is of course what we’re interested in today, and just like PowToon, Moovly has implemented a timeline-based user interface which is very approachable for beginners. There are plenty of styles to chose from and you can call upon a large vault of content to spice up your animated videos – or import your own images.

Logo Wideo

4. Wideo

Wideo’s opening gambit on their website is that one customer managed to increase their email marketing conversions and social media traffic by 300% with videos created by the tool. Wideo offers a compelling way to create professional animations for business use. Like most of the videos apps in this list, Wideo is object-based, enabling users to easily add multiple elements to videos in order to create engaging animations that could work brilliantly on website landing pages.

Logo for Whatfix

5. WhatFix

This last choice is more of a workflow tool, but still worthy of mention given its video-like qualities. WhatFix exists because it knows you can only go so far with intuitive web design. The fact remains that most people are busy and have little time to discover exactly how your website works. WhatFix aims to solve this problem by providing the ability to create animated explainer videos that are overlaid on top of your website to help guide people through it’s user interface. It results in something that’s engaging, attractive and demands attention from the user.

Wrapping Up

Animated videos can now be experimented with by anyone who has access to a computer and internet connection, and while those you create yourself won’t be quite as polished as a professional’s work, they should be more than capable of helping you increase website engagement.

For some great examples of the work from Slinky’s in-house visual design team, check out our animation and motion graphics showreel.