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5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Project Management

By In BLOG, Learning Zone, Worth Sharing On 20th May 2018

Any marketing manager will know that a huge part of their job revolves around project management.

Great marketing managers also know that if you struggle to manage projects effectively, they cost more, become too stressful for all involved and either overrun or get canned entirely.

With that in mind, we thought we’d list five of our most favourite ways to improve marketing project management:

5 way to improve your marketing project management.

1. Find the right tools, but don’t rely to heavily on them

We have an abundance of fantastic project management tools from which to pick and choose these days, and while they’ll help accelerate the efficiency and productivity of your projects, they shouldn’t be relied on too heavily.

Check out tools like Trello, Evernote and Slack to manage tasks, keep notes organised and ensure everyone stays in touch, but use common sense, too; if a face-to-face chat or more analogue way of working seems to make sense occasionally – go for it. To see some of our favourite tools for marketing managers, read this post.

Celebrating small wins employee with trophy.

2. Go for the small wins

Don’t focus solely on the big stuff. In fact, there should only be one ‘big’ goal, which is the end of the project.

To get there, you need to make small wins along the way, and to do that, you need to ensure the whole team focuses on reaching small milestones.

Celebrate every small win too; it’ll spur everyone on.

3. Emphasise accountability

This isn’t about passing the buck or blaming others – it’s purely about ensuring every person within the team knows that what they do matters.

When sat within the grinding cogs of a marketing project, it can be easy to feel lost, or as though your contribution isn’t having much of an impact, but if the manager emphasises accountability, it becomes clear that everything you do directly influences the big end goal.

Leave people to get on with their work, but make sure they know that the choices they make are their choices. You should find they soon become proud of those choices and raise their hand whenever they’re unsure.

4. Include time for non-work stuff

All work and no play makes for a pretty dull marketing project, but more seriously, it can result in a team that is completely consumed by work and, as a result, not at it’s best, either creatively or productivity-wise.

To avoid this common trap, make sure the project plan includes time for team building and non-work related stuff. Take them to the cinema, hold a meeting in the pub or book a day’s go karting – whatever you need to do to pep up their spirits and demonstrate there’s a life beyond the current marketing project.

Working as a team with a group break.

5. Ask for feedback (throughout the project)

Feedback is essential when it comes to project management, but too many managers leave this task right until the end (or neglect to do it entirely).

Without feedback, you’ll never have any idea how truly successful the project was. For this reason, make sure you ask for feedback throughout the lifecycle of the project. Each day, ask how things are going, what could have been communicated better, and try and find out if there are any holes in either the workflows you’ve put in place or the understanding of each goal.

Wrapping up

Project management is challenging, but if you use our tips above, you’ll ensure your next marketing project is as efficient and productive as it should be.

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