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Backlight Podcast all about digital marketing and video by Slinky Productions.

Subscribe To The Podcast

There are a few ways to subscribe to Backlight, depending on the device and method you wish to listen to it on.

iTunes / iPhone / iPad

Using this iTunes link will send you straight to the Apple iTunes Store page if you are using a desktop computer, or it should launch the Podcast app and take you straight to the Backlight podcast feed if you are using an iPhone or iPod. Alternatively you can open up the Apple Podcast app and manually search for ‘Backlight Slinky’.

Other Platforms : Stitcher and TuneIn Radio

If Stitcher and TuneIn are your preferred platforms (app available on both iOS and Android), then we’ve got you covered too. Follow the button links to go straight to our show pages on those platforms.

Podcast Available on Stitcher
Podcast Available on TuneIn Radio

RSS Feed / Google Android Devices

You can use our RSS feed URL to manually subscribe to Backlight using your preferred Podcatcher app, including those available on the Google Play Store.

The RSS feed addresses (to copy the URL’s) are. . .

General RSS Feed:

Google Play Music:

Subscribe to RSS feed using any podcast player or app

Further Help . . .


For more information and step-by-step guides in subscribing to Podcasts, here are some good external resources:

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