Where’s the one place to which you normally head immediately online when you want to watch a video?

Chances are – even if you start your search for content on a search engine such as Google – you’ll end up on YouTube. In fact, according to research, YouTube is apparently the 2nd largest search engine , in its own right!

The Google-owned video streaming service is simply colossal. SocialBlade, which tracks user statistics for services such as YouTube, suggests there are around twenty-five-million YouTube creators out there, with the number one of them all usually achieving video views in access of 60,000,000,000.

Is there a better platform on which to host your video marketing? We’re not convinced there is.

The competition

We’re absolutely not against the competitors for YouTube; competition is an incredibly important thing in any field and it ensures the best in the game are kept on their toes.

However, let’s consider three of YouTube’s competitors:

  • Vimeo. A brilliant platform which is unfortunately hampered by a limit of 500mb per week uploads unless you sign up for a premium account.
  • Dailymotion. Many consider this to be second in-line to YouTube, but just like Vimeo, Dailymotion suffers from upload limits and caps on streaming quality unless you’re a pro user.
  • Twitch. This is a brilliant platform for streaming game-based content… but that’s it – it’s rather niche.

So, why is YouTube the best platform for businesses looking to make a dent in their own universe with video marketing? Here’s five of the best reasons.

1. There’s a ready-made audience waiting for you

No one wants to spend years building an audience for their marketing videos. It takes forever if you do it organically, and there simply isn’t the need to when you have a ready-made audience waiting for you on a service like YouTube.

There are around 1,300,000,000 people on YouTube watching videos, which is undoubtedly why 300 hours of video are uploaded to the service every minute. Where else would you find an audience that large?

What’s more, YouTube’s ability to recommend just the right type of content based on a viewer’s watch history and other data means your video (with the right tags and SEO optimisation) can be found naturally by far more people if it’s hosted on that site.

2. YouTube’s content ID system is brilliant

One of the most important elements of video marketing is ensuring that your content is never stolen and used by others, and YouTube has a nifty way of ensuring your own content remains rightfully yours.

Videos are scanned (for both visual and audio content) to ensure there is no fraudulent activity going on, thus giving copyright owners peace of mind that their content isn’t being used without their permission.

If people are using fraudulent copies of your marketing content, finding them manually would take forever (and be nigh-on impossible), but YouTube does this automatically!

3. Your videos can rank on Google

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that a Google-owned video streaming service performs pretty well on Google.

Try it. Search for something very niche and you’ll almost certainly find that YouTube videos rank among the highest results on Google.

Now, imagine you’re a potential customer for your company and you’re looking for a product that delivers specific benefits. Imagine if, after typing a very specific search term into Google you’re delivered one search result in particular that features an engaging video from a company that delivers just the benefits you want.

Imagine if you were that company.

Search engine optimisation remains a vital part of every marketing strategy, and simply by using YouTube you can significantly increase chances of your videos gaining high positions in natural search listings. Just make sure you hire an SEO expert to help (it’s not guaranteed, after all)!

4. There’s monetisation available

There’s a reason we see so many influencers and self-made millionaires running YouTube channels; this is a platform that rewards its most popular video makers.

You may not be looking to make money directly from YouTube with your marketing videos, but if it’s simply a platform on which you’re going to host your content, there’s always the chance it might turn into another source of revenue.

5. There are some incredible analytics you can dig into

It’s all too easy to simply create and publish a marketing video without ever checking how its performing. And that’s a shame, because it might lead you to think that your efforts have been wasted when, in fact, the truth is anything but.

cartoon Characters of people analyzing graphs and charts

YouTube includes some fantastic analytical tools that are absolutely worth your time. By revealing the engagement metrics for each video you upload, it provides direct insight into how people are interacting with your content. You’ll discover what’s working, what isn’t and can use that intel to inform your next campaign.

If you’re simply using YouTube to host videos and only ever look at the analytics for your own website, you’re missing out – big time.

Wrapping up

Chances are, you didn’t need much convincing about YouTube’s capabilities, but we hope we’ve managed to persuade any skeptics out there that this really is the best place for your marketing videos.

Don’t discount the competition, though. After all, nothing lasts forever and there’s no telling what lies in store for YouTube in the future. However, using it as a primary location on which to store, distribute and extend the life of your marketing videos is a very solid tactic indeed.