Callum Hodgkinson joined Slinky Productions at the start of October 2016 from Birmingham City University filling the role of Intern for the next twelve months as part of a new partnership between Slinky Productions and BCU.

His duties range from production assistant work within the office, to assisting the Directors and Camera Crew for location and studio shoots. Below, Callum reflects on his first three months in the hectic world of video production.

Starting at Slinky Productions I had the benefit of hitting the ground running, being taken on a location recce on my first day and taking part in a shoot in my first week.

October is traditionally a busy month for Slinky Productions and joining at this point allowed me to absorb myself fully in the workings of a functioning small business. It was incredibly eye-opening to see how well a small team can work when utilising effective communication and quality control.

Callum, a new intern at Slinky Productions filming.

Another thing that really impressed me was the ability of Slinky to provide a quick turnaround on projects when a client needs it, without a drop in the standard or quality.

A number of systems have been put in place at Slinky to ensure that no product goes out the door without it being thoroughly checked – reducing the need for revisions or adjustments.

Callum sitting at his desk, hard at work.

It has been a challenging three months, the toughest part of the job for me has been managing my time effectively. As the company works across multiple projects I often have several jobs on my plate and it is up to me to prioritise these tasks, alongside my other roles as office junior.

Making sure the biscuit tin is topped up and that the team are well oiled with tea is less important than finalising some last minute research for a Producer, but it still needs to be done at some point during the day.

split screen of callum

In the past three months I have been lucky enough to take part in a wide array of location and studio shoots for a variety of projects and products, ranging from fitness equipment to educational training courses. The last 2 years of my university course at BCU enabled me to jump right in as I already gained a good understanding of the film and Media industry.

Being thrown into the deep end though has massively increased my knowledge of the equipment we use, and perhaps more importantly set etiquette. This most of all is what I will take back to my university course when my internship ends, the professionalism I have seen demonstrated in my time at Slinky.

Moving into my next three months, I look forward to taking on more roles and responsibilities, I’m enjoying working as an assistant to our Visual Designer on some animation currently, and facing more challenging shoots with fork-lift trucks and GPS vehicle tracking.