Video Remastering

Remastering is the term given to the re-delivery of the project master video file(s) following approval and original delivery.

After sign-off (or approval) is received, we complete all of the final tweaks to a project (such as colour grading and sound mixing) and then render out the final master copies whilst putting it through our multi-stage QC process.

This means that any changes following delivery (after client sign-off) require us to go through the above processes again in order for us to guarantee the quality of the updated video and for it to be ‘public ready’.

The remastering fee covers minor tweaks and changes to the edit, as well as processing the above mastering and QC a further time. If more extensive editing is required then we may need to quote for additional editing time (depending on the requirements).

For example: should the amend(s) be as simple as changing/adding a single text title (such as a persons name), or swapping out a couple of shots – there would be no charge for editing, just the remastering fee would be applicable.

Slinky Productions Quality Control Sheet (Mastering)