YouTube Music Copyright and Counterclaiming

YouTube is well known for its rigorous copyright policy on user videos. An automatic system scans every video uploaded for possible copyright infringement. If the visual or audio content within the video matches anything inside the YouTube database, the video is stricken.

Depending on the severity, your video may have certain constrictions placed on it. Getting a video taken offline is unlikely and will rarely happen. However, the common outcomes can be forced advertisement, blocking viewers from specific countries, or muting the video altogether.

However, this system cannot detect if the music is legitimately owned or not. All music and sound used in production by Slinky Productions is paid for and within copyright contract. Any video that flags up for infringement of copyright should be counterclaimed.

Instructions for YouTube Counterclaiming

Slinky Productions holds rights to all music and sound used on client projects. If this occurs on any of your videos follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

1.  Login to your YouTube account.

Click your icon in the top-right and select “YouTube Studio” from the dropdown.

2.  Select the “Videos” tab on the left-hand side.

This will give you a list of all channel videos.

3.  Find the video you wish to dispute and look under the “visibility” column.

Click the down-arrow and select “View copyright claim details”.

4.  A pop-up will give you a summary and status of the copyright infringement.

On the right-hand side click “Select Action”, then press “Dispute”.

5.  You will be met by some images and a tick box.

Tick “My dispute isn’t based on any of the reasons above.
I would still like to dispute this Content ID claim.

and continue.

6.  Now you will pick a dispute type.

Select “License” from this screen, then press continue.

7.  Tick the permission box on the next screen.

Press continue.

8.  The final page asks for some additional information.

Type or paste the following into the first box :

Slinky Productions Ltd (our video production company) have an active, paid-up blanket license account with Audio Network. The contact email associated with that account is licensing[@]slinkyproductions[dot]co[dot]uk

Tick the following boxes and fill out the signature with your own name.
Press submit to file the claim and complete the process.

Within the Video Manager page, the video will now say “Copyright dispute in progress”.

The issue should resolve itself within 30 days and the copyright strike will be lifted.