BarbersUK image with crowds of people and HairUK, BarbersUK logos

“I Wanna See a Good Clean Shave”

Our recent video project over at the NEC has been pretty hairy, to say the least. We found ourselves filming within the crowds at BarberUK. Hosted under HairUK and supported by our client, the British Barbers’ Association.

The event gathered all manner of hair and shaving enthusiasts; consumers, craftsmen and business owners alike. Looking to update their style and that of their clients with the large array of products available, while getting exclusive tips and advice from the very best barber experts.

Each day of the show included an array of interviews plus filming the main daily feature, the ”Britain’s Best Shave 2015′ competition, staged in a boxing ring.

In tournament style elimination, barbers would have 1 vs 1 ‘shave-offs’. Working with willing volunteers each contender would aim to impress a panel of expert judges. Winners would take home the belt, with extra awards handed out at the end of the day.

Want to see the winner of ‘Britain’s Best Shave’? Check out our finals highlights below…

An on-site edit suite was set up in base camp, ready to pump out a day one highlights reel for the viewing public (found above)…

Britain’s Best Shave Finals 2015