Stills from the ETF - TES EF Awards Sponsor Video Shoot

The Education & Training Foundation in London partnered up with Slinky to create an event sponsorship video to be played at the upcoming TES FE Awards, of which The Foundation is a main sponsor.

The Education & Training Foundation have colourful silhouette images of people with a variety of different careers which they use for their own branding, and the idea behind this video was to bring the silhouettes to life so that they would move about the screen pushing, pulling, poking and interacting with the text and graphics on-screen.

The moving silhouettes were to be created by using people dressed up in the outfits of different careers filmed against a green screen, and use that as a matt-template in which to create the silhouettes in post-production. So for this we needed a green screen large enough for us to move about the frame performing different actions. A simple pop-up green screen wouldn’t do, so we popped down to the OneZeroOne studio just down the road from Slinky.

Take a look at how the day went in our ‘Behind The Scenes Souvenir Video’ …..