We’re all familiar with business end of year reviews; it’s the time at which you sit back, take a look at the twelve months that have passed and identify wins, misses and opportunities for the future.

But what about yourself? Have you ever held an end of year review for you?

It might sound like a daft concept, but as the new year is starting, a personal end of year review could be the best way to ensure you start the next twelve months as you mean to go on.

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What is a year-end review?

A year-end review should be seen as an opportunity to learn and grow about oneself.

It focuses on a few vital elements of the last twelve months:

  • what you got right
  • what you got wrong
  • your successes
  • your failures
  • incorrect assumptions you made
  • opportunities you missed
  • unexpected opportunities you found
  • your ability to meet goals you set last year

The above headings should work as a basic template for your personal year-end review, but the key word here is ‘personal’; this is your review and, as such, you may decide to focus it on other areas.

Personal year-end reviews are great if you’re looking for how to build good habits and set achievable goals for the next twelve months.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to learn from your mistakes and ensure you don’t make them again.

Is a year-end review a business or personal review?

This is entirely up to you. If you’re an independent worker or freelancer, your personal year-end review might combine both business and personal elements.

However, if you work a regular job, a personal year-end review might be completely detached from what you get up to in the office. It may cover elements of your job, but, on the whole, will more likely focus on your personal success.

If you feel better undertaking separate personal and business reviews – go for it, but if it feels more sensible to combine the two, that’s ok, too!

What are the advantages of doing a year-end review?

Personal year-end reviews aren’t just designed to help you set new goals or ace the new job interview you have coming up in the new year; there are so many more advantages.

Undertake a year-end review, and you will:

  • gain a better understanding of yourself;
  • realise where you were successful (that’s not always obvious during the hustle and bustle of modern-day life);
  • identify opportunities to become more successful;
  • revisit mistakes you made and have the opportunity to learn from them;
  • find more time for yourself by identifying where you’re wasting effort; and
  • celebrate the wins.

Most importantly, a year-end review should make you feel good by the end of it. It’s a cathartic exercise designed to make you just that little bit better and more confident each year.

Why is keeping track of your goals important?

small business goals

Goals are there to be hit – providing they’re measurable and achievable.

This is why an end of year review is so important. As part of the process, you’ll work out where you reached goals and where you failed to do so. From there, you can work out if the latter instances are because you simply didn’t try hard enough or set yourself a goal that was too lofty (that’s ok – we all do it occasionally).

The more you keep track of goals, the more likely you’ll be to set future goals that you’ll smash time and again.

Wrapping up

The end of the year is in sight, so why not spend the closing moments of 2019 assessing your performance?

Make 2020 the year your personal review plots a course for success!