Limited video marketing budget? Here’s how to stretch it.
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Limited video marketing budget? Here’s how to stretch it.

By In BLOG, Learning Zone, Worth Sharing On 7th July 2017

How to stretch a limited video marketing budget.

Video remains one of the fastest growing forms of content marketing. We have recently published a post with up-to-date statistics on the growth and trends in online video.

The reason for video’s proliferation is pretty simple; people love consuming it, and there are now a huge number of methods and tools businesses can use to produce video content that would once have required colossal budgets and TV-grade camera equipment.

Nothing beats a professionally-produced video, but if your budget can’t quite stretch to that, we’ve got some strategic ideas to help it stretch as far as possible.

Make sure you produce something no one else has

Like any form of marketing, video is all about the return on investment, therefore before you begin planning how you’re going to produce something, consider what ‘it’ is. If you create a marketing video that is simply a re-hash of someone else’s effort, it won’t stand out online.

If you instead create something that is your unique take on a subject or features a ‘reveal’ that you know to be a first, it’ll stand a far better chance of being discovered and shared.

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Cut back on the people involved

If your budget is significantly limited, consider how many people you need to involve in its production. If you had plans for actors, lighting specialists and camera operators, start your planning by cutting the crew to the bare minimum. That might just result in two people, but if you’re confident you can still produce something worthy of your business’s marketing strategy – great!

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Don’t dilly-dally; get to the point

It goes without saying that the longer it takes to produce a video, the more it’s likely to cost.

Happily, this should focus your efforts on producing something that doesn’t labour its story or take forever to get to the point you want to make.

Go for something that is sub two minutes long, and it’ll be both affordable and engaging for the audience.

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Promote it… then promote it again… and again

One sure-fire way to get your money’s worth out of a piece of video content is to share it judiciously.

This is good practice regardless, as it ensures you maximise the opportunities to put your hard work in front of as many eyes as possible.

Understanding on which platform and when to share your video will be the difference between it being a huge success and a monumental, costly flop. Consider your audience’s movements; when are they most likely to be online? Which social media platforms do they frequent? Create a targeted, perpetual strategy for sharing your videos – it works!

Repurpose the video

What might seem like stretching the budget too far to produce a great piece of video marketing content can be tempered somewhat if you’re able to repurpose it.

If appropriate, why not take the audio and turn it into a podcast? You could also write a blog post that takes the best sound bites and screen grabs from the video.

In doing so, you’ll suddenly have far more than ‘just’ a video and be able to allocate the spend to a wealth of very usable content.

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Final thought: don’t sacrifice quality for budget

Marketing budgets can definitely stretch, but you should always avoid sacrificing the quality of your content for a lesser spend.

By spending less on sub-par video, you’ll do nothing more than create something of which you simply can’t be proud and – more importantly – few people will bother engaging with.

Use our tips above to create video content that draws in a sizeable audience without breaking the bank.

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