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As a production company we are no strangers to travel and long hours, but even we had to tighten our belts for the busy month just gone. Dedicated client Ishida Europe had something special in store, throwing us the opportunity to pack up, grab our gear, and head out to Spain, Germany and Norway!

Ishida Europe function and sell their services internationally, creating large scale food processing and weighing machinery alongside their partner companies Robotgrader and Mundipack. Robotgrader specialise in robotic packing and sorting solutions, while Mundipack has a specialist area in film mesh and vertical packing.

Slinky was sent out to travel the world and film these machines in real working factories, filming which all just happened to fall into one month. Travelling overseas meant the videos created would add great value to Ishida’s and their partners international portfolio, while explaining in detail the functions of each machine.

We travelled far and light, taking a trusty 5D mark III and the kit essentials. With some of us visiting countries for the very first time. None of us had actually been to Norway before, consisting of snow, forests and frozen lakes. A pretty big contrast to the relatively flat planes of warm and sunny Spain.

A thank you to Ishida for the experience, next time we will be sure to send a postcard!