If you’re not used to running a remote team but have—for whatever reason—been forced into doing so recently, you might be struggling.

That’s totally understandable; when your team is normally stationed in house and sat side-by-side in the same room, you only have to raise your voice to be heard. Meetings can be called whenever you need to and everyone knows the status of the current project.

Or do they? And more importantly, what if all of those benefits of being in the office can still be experienced, no matter where everyone is?

Good news – they can, and you’ll probably be able to run a far more productive team if you make the best use of one of the following apps.

Trello is based on the popular Kanban method which comes from the manufacturing industry.

In app form, it provides you with ‘boards’ which are completely customisable. The simplest form is one column for ‘to-do’, another ‘doing’ and, finally, ‘done’. Cards are then placed onto each column for constituent elements of projects and moved between columns as their status changes.

Trello does this and so much more. You can collaborate on cards with comments, add attachments and integrate it with services like Dropbox. To take full advantage of Trello, check out our guide to Kanban.

Notion is a to-do list app with bells on it.

It aims to reduce your reliance on multiple platforms by giving you everything you need in one place to work as a team.

That means to-do lists, notes, documents and even the ability to create your own knowledgeable, all within one platform that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device.

Capturing ideas and fleshing them out when you’re working remotely isn’t easy as a team, unless you use something like Dynalist.

This brilliant app is free to sign up for and it’s pleasingly simple too. Think of it as a note pad onto which you can easily jot down lists and plans and interlink them where needed.

This app is used by some of the biggest names in business, and for good reason.

It’s decided into three products – one for analysing marketing metrics, another for reports and automation and a third for setting and managing KPIs, remotely.

It’s a statistics powerhouse and perfect if your team isn’t based in the same room. It also (like most apps on this list) features lots of integrations with other services for a smooth, connected workflow.

Wrapping up
You’ll only need one of the apps above, therefore we recommend trying each one out and settling on the app that works best for your team and the requirements you have.

working from home

The best news? Most of these apps are available on any device, therefore if your team members are either sat at their kitchen table with a laptop or somewhere more remote with just their smartphone, they can still get involved and be as productive as possible.

You’ll never look back, we promise.