How to Make Your Marketing Employees Achieve More by Doing Less
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How to Make Your Marketing Employees Achieve More by Doing Less

By In BLOG, Worth Sharing On 27th June 2018

The title of this blog post sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? The idea that your marketing team could do more by doing less seems like the perfect oxymoron.

Well, good news – it’s entirely possible. But it isn’t easy.

If you follow the five step rule below, you’ll start to build a work ethic and culture within your marketing team that enables it to achieve more in less time it currently takes to knock big projects out of the park:

Make your marketing employees achieve more by doing less.

Step 1: Define the strategy

Ok, how many times have you read that? Bear with us, though, because the strategy should lie at the heart of everything your marketing team does, and without one, it’ll be flying blind.

The strategy we’re referring to here isn’t your sales strategy – it’s all about how the team is expected to work.

Consider your approval process, what happens when roadblocks are encountered, how deadlines are managed and how successes are celebrated – just remember to involve everyone in the process of building the strategy.

Step 2: Use a collaboration tool

You can’t be productive in the modern age without a brilliant collaboration tool to manage the myriad of individual tasks that sit within marketing projects.

It doesn’t really matter which tool you use, providing the team finds it easy-to-use and that it includes all of the features you need.

Avoid heavy duty systems that take longer to set up and manage than is strictly necessary, and focus on using the bare bones of any app you choose, because it’s those bare bones that will help you hit each target and ensure everyone knows what they should be doing.

Step 3: Measure

How successful are your marketing team’s efforts? Without visibility of their achievements, you’ll never know how efficiently they’re working.

In marketing, you’ve got the benefit of tools that provide insightful metrics into campaign performance. Refer to them regularly, because they’ll give you a great insight into what’s working and what’s not, and you should be able to trace each success and failure back to a particular process or employee.

Step 4: Meet regularly, quickly and in person

Digital communication tools have revolutionised the way marketing teams work (see step 2), but too heavy a reliance on them will slow you down.

Meet regularly by holding daily ten minute stand-ups where everyone can briefly update the team on yesterday’s activities, what’s planned for today and any roadblocks that are in the way.

Ensure it’s no holds barred, too – these meetings are intended to get everything out in the open.

team meeting

Step 5: Continually improve

With your measurements and metrics in hand (see step 4), promise yourself that you’ll continually improve.

You’ll never reach productivity perfection as a marketing team, but you can keep chasing it, because in doing so you’ll never stop improving.

This requires some honest answers to tough questions and plenty of accountability, but if everyone’s bought into the work strategy (see step 1), there should be a collective desire to improve and far fewer arguments.

Final thought

Changes won’t happen overnight, but if you take a consistent approach to the above, your marketing team will start to produce more in half the time it used to take, and the results will help transform your business.