No matter how you create a piece of video content – be it with the help of a video production company or an internal production – there’s no escaping the fact it takes lots of time to get right.

That’s cool, but what about when the initial excitement of its release has died down? Where do you go from there?

Good news – video content is perfect for repurposing. And, if you haven’t heard of that phrase before, it simply means ‘re-use for maximum value’.

That business video you created twelve months ago? It still has legs; here’s how to get maximum value out of it.

Turn it into a blog post

We’ll start with the easiest idea; turning your video into a blog post.

This is a super-simple way to get some more value out of your video. It’s also a brilliant way to pick up some juicy SEO points, too.

A transcription might be a good idea if it isn’t too long, but a summary of the video content with a link at the end to the video itself may be the only excuse you need to dig it out of the archives and provide your website with some much-needed new blog content.

Turn it into a podcast

By using a tool like Audacity, you can grab the audio from your old video and use it to form a podcast.

Admittedly, this won’t work for every type of video if there are more visual elements than spoken word – or if the words really do need to be accompanied by footage.

Just remember – your audience has a lot of imagination, so try ripping the audio from your video and using it to start a brand new form of content for your business – a podcast!

Break it up into mini social clips

One of the best things about video marketing is the fact you can take one long video and chop it up into lots of smaller pieces of content.

There should be some natural breaks in your video where you can take, say, a twenty-second clip and repurpose it for social.

These clips can then be used on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or even the ‘story’ features on those platforms. They could work in their own right or as trailers to encourage people to watch the full-length version.

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Grab some outtakes

If you have access to the original recordings of your video, you might be lucky enough to have some outtake footage.

Releasing outtakes from your business video after the original has been published is a great way to reignite your audience’s interest in it, but will also provide a brilliant injection of humor and personality to your content marketing output – a surefire way to increase your brand value.

Just repost it!

When all is said and done, there’s absolutely no harm in simply reposting your old video – particularly if it’s been a while since it was first published.

Just ensure the content is still relevant, still has a point and, most importantly, remains in-tune with the expectations of your audience.

Wrapping up

Video marketing lives long after its initial publishing date, so if you have some great footage in the archives you’d like to push back into the spotlight, don’t be afraid to do so!