Forget the filming, editing, publishing and sharing – one of the hardest things to get right in video marketing is the all-important script.

When you think about it, it’s the one thing that ties everything else together. Without a great script, your video won’t stand out, it won’t draw in viewers and it will more likely than not bore those who do press ‘play’.

So, here’s our no-nonsense guide to getting the most important part of the script (the opening), as good as it should be.

Introduce the star as quickly as possible

The ‘star’ in the case of a marketing video could be a number of things. It could be a product, customer, member of staff or your new premises. Whatever it is, don’t hang around introducing it.

Video marketing is at its best when it doesn’t hang around; unlike movies, you have mere seconds to engage people.

With that in mind, make sure the star of the show gets central billing from the off and makes an appearance within seconds of the play button being pushed.

Use language your audience will understand

You’ll hopefully have spent some time creating audience personas for your customer base, and it’s vitally important your script talks directly to those people.

You can only do that by using language they understand. And we don’t mean their native tongue either (although that’s obviously a given – unless you’re using subtitles) – the tone needs to right, too. If humour will work for your audience – use it from the off. If you need to take a more business-like, reserved approach, try not to overstep the mark.

Ask a question – and provide an answer

Like any form of marketing, video needs to communicate an answer to a question or problem your potential customers have.

The first few seconds of your marketing video should include this question and the corresponding answer. Otherwise, why would they continue to watch?

Don’t waffle on

As already noted, the star of the show needs to appear immediately, and you need to provide an answer to the audience’s question straight away.

This means there’s no room for waffle in the opening frames of your marketing video. No long, drawn-out explanations of your heritage, or boring technical explanations of a product that customers have little interest in.

Get straight to the meat of what the video is about. If you’ve approached your website correctly, it won’t mess about when it comes to selling whatever it is your company has to offer. Take the lead from those pages when writing your video script.

Final tip: read the script to someone else

With your final script in hand, read it to someone else – ideally a person who has no direct connection with the company.

It doesn’t matter if they’re unlikely to be a customer, either; a close friend or family member will tell you pretty quickly (sometimes, just from their facial expression) whether or not you’ve got a brilliant or terrible script in your hands!