Here we’ll periodically publish original articles to inform and educate on the video production and television industries.

Production Process

Start here for a brief guide to the production process of a video project.

Alternatively, see below for expanded guides.


From budgeting and creating the brief, through to scripting and casting.


Everything you need to know about the actual filming process of your project.


Post-Production; where everything comes together as a finished piece.

Video Production Glossary

Would you like to know your Ingests from your B-Roll? Or your Dolly’s from your Jib’s? Take a look at our most commonly used terms in video production.

Maximise Your YouTube Presence

Slinky’s guide to the Top 10 ways your business or organisation can utilise YouTube to it’s full potential, with a goal to attract more viewers and potential customers or clients to your door.

What is a Codec?

The word codec gets thrown around often in the media industry. But not everyone really knows what a codec actually is, take a look at our guide to get a beginners brief on codecs and how they work.