Production Guide: Overview


When we create your video project here at Slinky, there are three distinct processes that come together to form the finished product. These will vary depending upon your requirements and the aims of the production but will always include the following core stages.


This stage involves an initial meeting where the goals of your video are discussed as well as your budget. From this a creative brief is compiled which outlines what the video will contain and acts as a blueprint to guide the rest of the production process.

Your concept, script and storyboard (if required) can then be developed to give a representation of what the final product will look like before any shooting begins. At this point we will also undertake location recce’s, casting of any actors or voice-over artists and – for television advertisements – will seek clearance of your content from the broadcasting compliance authorities to ensure it meets broadcast and advertising guidelines as set out by the BCAP Code.


Production / Filming

This is the actual shooting or recording of your video and is the stage which will differ the most from project to project and can range from just a few hours shooting to a few days. It is also the stage where any other assets needed for the final video will be created such as scored music, voice-overs or graphics and animations.

Slinky takes care of all contracts regarding music and screen rights so upon completion all usage rights of the video belongs to you in perpetuity, with no further costs down the line.


This is the final stage of the process where your video is put together following the narrative outlined in your script and/or brief. We compile a first draft cut for you to review and make sure that you are happy with the direction of the edit, then add the finishing touches such as graphics, colour grading and sound mixing before your video is mastered as a completed polished product.

Mastering is the process of exporting your finished video from the edit suite into a format that is easily shared by you, whether it be Blu-ray, DVD or a digital file for web distribution.