Production Guide: Post-Production

“Editing feels almost like sculpting or a form of continuing the writing process.” 

“We call it the invisible art. Because the more invisible we are, the better we are doing our job.” – CRAIG MCKAY: EDITOR, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS

Post-Production is the final stage of the process where your video is edited together following the narrative outlined in your script and align brief.

We compile a first draft which involves cutting together the best takes from your shoot into a structured and concise edit which clearly communicates the aims of your video. At this point we add any voice over, music and graphics as well as a colour grade before sending you a preview copy to ensure that you are happy with the overall presentation.

Once the preview has been viewed and any amendments made the final sound mix is completed before the video is mastered into your final product.

Mastering is the process of exporting your finished video from the edit suite into a format that is easily shared by you, whether that be Blu-ray, DVD or a digital file for web distribution.