Production Guide: Pre-Production

“The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” ORSON WELLES

Pre-production covers all of the tasks that must be completed before filming begins. It usually begins with a meeting between client and production company where the client outlines the aim of their video as well as any early stylistic concepts that they have. The budget is discussed in order to assess what can be achieved by Slinky without going over cost and allow them to construct early treatments that can be realistically and accurately developed.

The treatment is the initial layout of your video and will act as the blueprint that guides the production process. A script will then be drafted from this and a storyboard developed (if required) to give a representation of what your video will look like before shooting begins. Once the script is finalised, the planning stages of your shoot can commence where tasks such as location sourcing, casting of actors and voice-over artists, equipment hire and any visual tests can be carried out.

For television commercials, we will seek clearance of your script from the broadcasting compliance authorities to ensure it meets broadcast and advertising guidelines as set out by the BCAP Code. This is done before any shooting takes place.

Before meeting with your production company there are several important things to have clear with regards to your video. These include your main objectives and messages of your video, and crucially, who is your target viewer? How much do you want to spend and when do you need your video completed by? This is important as a budget and time-scale help to ground the project and constrain it to the realms of the achievable.

Always allow for contingency with regards to setting your final deadline as the production process often takes longer than anticipated and this allows for any late pick-ups, changes or any other unexpected circumstances.