Production Guide: Production/Filming 

Pain is temporary, film is forever! – JOHN MILIUS, FILM PRODUCER & DIRECTOR

This is the actual recording of your video and is the stage that will differ most from project to project, ranging from just a few hours shooting to a few days. Typically Slinky will arrive at your pre-arranged location and set up their equipment such as camera, lights and sound gear. There will be a briefing given by the Director to all involved in the production including technical staff and those who will appear on camera, this lets everyone know what will be happening throughout the shoot as well as what is expected of them.

The shooting process is very different to what you see on screen and naturally takes much longer than the duration of the finished production, this is because of filming multiple angles of the same shot to create a more dynamic edit as well as shooting retakes to make sure the best possible performance is captured, as well as creating options for the edit construct to be flexible.

Before the production team arrive at your location there are several things you can do to help the smooth running of the shoot, particularly if it is occurring at your place of business. Let everyone know that a film crew will be arriving so they are not made to feel uncomfortable when they are suddenly surrounded by bright lights and cameras. This is especially important if they are going to be featured in the video in any way, even just the background, as if someone feels self conscious it will translate onto camera through their movements.

Again, if shooting at your place of work you should ensure that the area(s) that are to be used are prepared before hand. Make sure that the environment appears as you want your customer to see it, with no confidential material or personal effects of staff on show. This prevents time being wasted when the crew arrive and allows them to concentrate their time on your production rather than eating into shooting time with rearranging furniture and clearing desks.

The production stage is also the stage where any other assets needed for the final video will be created such as scored music, voice-overs or graphics. Slinky takes care of all contracts regarding music and screen rights so upon completion all content of the video belongs to you in perpetuity, with no further costs down the line.