We all do our best to build solid, good habits, but they’re tough to keep going.

This stands to reason, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s incredibly common.

If, in the past, you’ve looked at how to build good habits, you may have built a routine which has since started to fall apart.

That means your productivity will suffer – big time. However, you do have two options to help identify whether the problem lies with you or the routinem itself.

Is it the routine?

There’s a few reasons your routine might be the root cause of the problem.

Do you have too many items on your to-do list? As important as these pieces of paper (digital or otherwise) are, they shouldn’t rule your day, or become unmanageable.

Try and reduce your to-do list each day to three or four items that you know you can complete.

Are the promises you’re making to yourself each day unrealistic? Remember – you’re only human and only capable of doing so much during a day.

to many things on a daily schedule

Think about the time you have available each day and fine tune your to-do list and routine to fit within those hours. You can’t create more time, but you can adjust your schedule so that it best fits within the time you have available. And that’s a far easier process than you might think.

Is it you?

Sometimes, you need to look in the mirror when it comes to the reason behind the collapse of your daily routine.

Can you honestly say that you tackle your to-do list each day with the right mindset, or do you fall into long periods of procrastination?

We’re all guilty of this from time to time – it’s easy to become distracted in a world full of distractions. The most productive people, however, know how to get themselves out of the mire.

How many times each day do you check your email, log onto your social media feeds or respond immediately to the countless smartphone notifications that sound each hour?

If this all feels uncomfortably familiar, it might be time to work on your own good habits in order to build higher levels of productivity.

Often, we’re completely capable of completing our to-do list and reaching the heady heights of a finished project, but it’s ourselves that let the side down. We respond to an email that could wait; we get lost in the photo album of a friend’s recent holiday on Facebook; we decide to tackle a much easier task that should be on tomorrow’s to-do list. The distractions are endless.

Procrastination is easy; keeping a daily routine going isn’t. However, it’s the latter that’ll ultimately make you more successful and happier.


Which of the two root causes discussed above are you suffering from with your daily routine?

The answer might not be palatable, but identifying it and working to alleviate the issues is the first step towards getting your daily routine back on track.

There’s really only one incentive you’ll need for doing this, which is the measurably positive impact a consistently-good daily routine will have on your productivity. And there isn’t a price you can put on that.