The Brief

It’s not every day that you are invited to work within one of the worlds most iconic buildings. Especially one that is both the centre of British politics and a leading international tourist destination. The marketing team for the Houses of Parliament Tours wanted to create a collection of new promotional video content. Our Executive Producer attended a briefing session where the main elements of the project were discussed and ideas explored.

Defining client goals is essential and it was clear that they needed a range of videos that could be used on various websites and social media channels to advertise parts of the tours to different visitors. These videos would be focused on visitors with specific demographics and interests. They also had to be able to capture their attention in the busy news feeds of social media and convey a simple message effectively, in a short space of time, without any dialogue.

We were able to guide the marketing team to the kind of content that would deliver the best engagement and came up with some innovative ideas to get key messaging across.

To cover the audience range we needed to produce 10 videos, each one focused on a distinct theme or idea. The visuals would highlight key parts of the tour that connected with the video theme, and messaging would be delivered in short graphical statements that would link in with the visuals.

Slinky Behind the Scenes at UK Parliament


Our team visited the Houses of Parliament to tour the location and discuss pre-production planning and logistics. This was key to be able to start scripting and storyboarding each video as we were able to walk through shot ideas within the location. Security at the Palace is high and our team were required to liaise with security staff in order to prepare for filming appropriately.

The timeframe and number of locations led us to put together two crews who would be filming at the same time in various parts of the Palace. One crew to film dynamic moving shots through locations and the other crew to film directed visitor interactions with the general public. This level of crew required complex planning and coordination to be able to achieve our goals and ensure all necessary footage was captured.

Filming & Post Production

On the day of filming each of the two crew teams had a Producer/Director, a Camera Operator, and a Camera Assistant. To achieve flowing shots in different locations, whilst working around the public, one crew operated a Steadicam camera rig. This allowed the operator to perform long flowing shots with ease and gave us great flexibility. This gave the second team the ability to concentrate on shots of people interacting along the tour and we even managed to acquire members of the public for starring roles!

When it came to post-production/editing we had a defined plan that used the scripts as a base to pull the visuals together. Our camera assistants had made extensive shot logs which streamlined the process and allowed us to deliver to a strict deadline.

The Result

The team at the Houses of Parliament tours used the videos for a targeted social media campaign across various channels in the UK and internationally.

This was a truly unique project on a global scale and the team at Slinky had a fantastic time working in such grand surroundings – and of course, a fantastic marketing and comms team at UK Parliament.

One of the final films published by UK Parliament