We are just seeing the end of awards season so we have been spoilt for choice when it comes to great movies over the last few months. The first film I need to talk about is La La Land..no wait…Moonlight! (see what I did there). Moonlight is a three act drama based around one character. It starts with a young black male being chased into an abandoned house. From this point we follow him as he matures and the final act of the film ends with him in his early 30’s. It’s hard for me to put into words why this film is so good…but I’ll give it a go. Number one I have never seen a film where the protagonist is a black gay male and this is important considering the current climate surrounding equality, especially in America so it is both refreshing and eye opening.

Poster of Moonlight Movie

Number two the acting is flawless, and the three actors who play one character do an amazing job. Number 3 it looks beautiful! Shot on the Arri Alexa XT Plus in Pro Res means every shot is a work of art. On top of that the soundtrack is note perfect. I couldn’t find a single fault in this film and the fact it won the Oscar for best film makes me very happy indeed. If that wasn’t enough to get excited about one of it’s editors Joi McMillion is the first black female editor to ever get an Oscar nomination!

Documentary poster for OJ Made in America

My second recommendation is a documentary and chance would have it another Oscar winner, OJ: Made in America. Most people won’t need an introduction to this story and there have been several films made about it, but what sets this one apart is it doesn’t just focus on that one incident (the murder of his ex wife) but goes back to the beginning of OJ’s life and builds the environment and world that was growing around him. Like a lot of people I was shocked the court found him innocent but this film has constructed the thoughts and feelings within LA at that time and you really start to understand how the jury came to that conclusion. The use of archive film is executed perfectly and I have no idea how they pulled together nearly 50 years worth of footage but I’m glad they did. This isn’t a quick Friday night sit down movie, this is an epic 7 and a half hours of documentary and it’s worth every second (don’t worry, it’s broken into 3 parts).

I’ve gushed about the two above but also highly recommended are:

  • Hidden Figures (Cinema) – African American Ladies getting US to the moon
  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Netflix) – Cracking Kiwi Comedy
  • The Seven Five (Netflix) – Hard Hitting Documentary

Nina Jones has worked at Slinky Productions for almost two years as our Post Production Supervisor. She loves editing, watching documentaries and CrossFit training at the local gym.

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