Running a marketing department is challenging at the best of times, but with so many different types of campaign and channels through which to advertise, keeping on top of everything is a daily struggle.

That is, unless you rely on the best tools in the business to keep your marketing team productive.

The best news? They don’t have to cost a fortune to implement, either. And, with that in mind, we’ve narrowed down what we believe to be the three areas in which tools will help you light a fire under the marketing arm of your business.

1. Collaboration

Whether there’s two people in your marketing department or a huge squad of remote and on-site employees, they’ll need to communicate flawlessly for campaigns to be effective.

Nothing beats a face-to-face chat, and email still has its place, but collaboration in the digital age has been revolutionised with tools that enables marketing teams to chat, share files, monitor the status of projects and gain a bird’s eye view of every single campaign.

Try these:

Trello: Based on the Kanban principle, this is a great, card-based way to keep on top of complex (and simple) projects.

Asana: An alternative to Trello that’s just as powerful, but swaps Kanban for a list-based approach.

2. Content

Be it copy for a blog post, imagery for an email marketing campaign or audio for your latest podcast, content is what draws people in, latches them to your brand and, if you get it right, converts them into paying customers.

The tricky bit is finding decent content and leveraging it. With most of us leading such hectic work lives, this is easier said than done – until you discover the wealth of tools that have been designed to make content discovery, creation and curation far easier.

Try these:

Canva: Designer or non-designer? Doesn’t matter – Canva will enable you to create beautiful imagery for the web.

Answer the Public: Need content ideas? This site will give you them in spades.

3. Social media

Nothing moves slowly in social media, which makes the task of a modern marketing team doubly hard.

This is particularly problematic due to the fact that social media is such a powerful channel for marketers. The difficulty lies in the sheer number of platforms and the varying ways in which they can be used.

No one has time to individually log into separate social media accounts in order to schedule posts, and getting a handle on engagement metrics is similarly tricky if you don’t have the right tools to hand.

Social media crosses industries, professions, audiences and continents. You simply can’t do without it – but you will need some help along the way.

Try these:

Hootsuite: Hands-down one of the best ways to manage multiple social media accounts from one screen.

Mention: People might be talking about your business on social media, and Mention gives you the tools you need to keep an eye on what they’re saying.

Wrap up

Have fun trying out these tools. None of them will break the bank (most are free!), and they’re all incredibly easy to get to grips with.