Video Marketing Trends in 2017

Video Marketing Trends in 2017

By In Internet Video, Marketing, NEWS, Viral & Social Media On 10th January 2017

As the dust settles on what all agree was a very turbulent 2016, the predictions are flooding in for what 2017 has in store for the world of marketing, in particular the role that video will play. We’ve combed through the research, the conclusions and the forecasts to give you what we think will be five key marketing trends in 2017.

1. Video is no longer for Young Single Males

It used to be the norm, that only certain demographics were ingesting video marketing, in particular, young men, surfing through YouTube. But recent surveys have blown that assumption completely out of the water. From 2015-2016 time spent on YouTube tripled among adults aged 55 and older, the generation commonly classed as baby boomers are increasingly becoming tech-savvy.

The same research pointed out that now over 50% of YouTube users were female, further skewing the notion that only young men enjoy watching video. As the population that grew up with video technology continues to age we will see these numbers rise further as a younger group of consumers singularly attuned to video marketing mature.

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2. Social Media is all about video

In July 2016, Mark Zuckerberg, speaking about Facebook stated that ‘We see a world that is video-first with video at the heart of all our apps and services’. Since 2014, the year that the ice-bucket challenge took Facebook’s video to a whole new level, the social network has been incredibly focused on making video their number one priority. Facebook have recently launched Live 360 Video which will be rolling out over multiple pages and profiles throughout 2017, a great deal of their marketing spend being directed into this feature.

With Instagram’s users up by 100 million in the past six months, and YouTube embracing a new custom URL system, the social media aspect of video marketing will continue to grow through the coming months. As people look to social media for advice, tips and offers, it is becoming an incredibly powerful medium for video marketing.

3. Video is being used for brand awareness and it’s working!

A recent report from the Firebrand Group showed that approximately 85% of companies have seen positive ROI from their video marketing efforts. About 90% of these were using the videos to increase brand awareness. The report goes on to detail that many organisations were finding viewers were responding to videos with a positive emotional reaction, further endearing the company to a potential consumer.

A True Influence study has shown that adding video to a landing page can increase conversion rates by up 80%, a great number for any company to aim for. As video contact becomes more sophisticated, we can expect to see all of these figures continue to grow.

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4. Video is the most thoroughly consumed form of content (at all times)

Marketing is a constantly changing beast, but more recently video is taking over as the preferred form of marketing for consumers. Though marketers are attempting to diversify into different markets videos remain the most throughly consumed form of content (a recent HubSpot survey put the figure at 55%).

It has also been revealed that this is no longer restricted to commuters on their on-the-go mobiles. In contrast, YouTube with it’s video content reaches more people during prime time than any premium mainstream network. And these same users are twice as likely to pay close attention whilst watching YouTube as opposed to TV. In 2017, the best way to get your company noticed is through video!

5. People want to watch video more

A HubSpot survey registered video as the most favoured form of content by customers and prospects, with 68% of consumers using video to help make a purchase decision on an item.  For marketers ‘Online Video Marketing’ became the second most searched keyword online, barely behind marketing by email. These numbers continue to grow, not just through 2017 but further into the future, with a Cisco VNI Forecast predicting that nearly a million minutes of video content will cross the network every second by 2020.

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In retrospect, 2016 is being called ‘The Year of The Video’ and there is no indication that 2017 will be any different. Video is an effective method of communicating with your consumers, and social media is in many respects leading the march, by making it easier and easier to post video on their channels. Here at Slinky Productions, we are proud to face 2017 as experienced video producers ready to provide premium content for all our clients.

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