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Slinky Productions are an established professional video production company, animation and film company based in Birmingham in the heart of the West Midlands.

We produce carefully crafted business and corporate videos, animations, films, promos, and television commercials for a wide range of clients nationwide and across the world – large and small.

We are a transparent video production company striving to make the whole video production process as smooth as possible.

Our expert crystal knowledge and skills make Slinky Productions the perfect solution for video production in Birmingham, the West Midlands, across the UK and beyond.

We are video experts,
not marketing generalists


There are a lot of digital marketing companies. So many that it makes us wince whenever we read the words ‘full-service marketing’. In our opinion, offering expertise in one field is far better to get the most bang for your buck.

Part of our expertise includes developing a comprehensive content strategy for corporate video and marketing, ensuring our clients receive branded content strategy services along with distribution aftercare to support the content strategy and maximise video reach and success.

This is why Slinky is a team of video experts – we’re not marketing generalists. That means you can be assured of only the best video marketing services when you approach our video agency; our skills are concentrated in this area – not diluted across many disciplines.

And that makes a big difference when you’re a video production agency.

We are an in-house team of specialist roles, not freelance videographers


The Slinky team is the beating heart of our operation, and we couldn’t provide the level of high-quality video production service that we do without them. We invest considerable time in their development and ensure they only have the best tools to work with when shooting and editing video content for our clients.

You may come across other video production houses that outsource the work to freelance videographers. That’s what the word ‘agency’ means, after all. We’ve never believed in that way of working; we’d much rather curate an amazing full-time video production team in-house, ensuring they all have their specialist roles, from highly skilled camera operatives to brilliant post-production editors. This dedicated production team is key to delivering high-quality productions on time, setting us apart in our ability to produce top-tier video content for clients globally.

From highly skilled camera operatives to creative director to brilliant post-production editors, the Slinky team has grown from within our video production company, and you’ll notice the difference – we promise.

We don’t do ‘cheap’, but are instead all about great value


The word ‘cheap’ is great if you’re looking for a quick solution to this evening’s dinner, but it has no place in marketing. If you go out looking for cheap video marketing services, you could end up with a whole heap of trouble.

A cheap video from a cheap video production agency will look… cheap. Worse, it won’t tell the right story, engage your audience or provide any return on investment. It’s why, at Slinky, we have always focused on delivering great value at a cost that suits most marketing budgets.

We proudly won’t provide the cheapest video content quote you’ll find. Still, we will give you a price that accurately reflects our considerable skill, experience, and ability to deliver big-time.

We are not ‘award-winning’ like every other video / film company, but instead we win awards for our clients


In our experience, no one really cares about how many trophies video production companies have on their mantlepieces – they’re far more interested in what you can do.

We’re only interested in one form of award: those provided to our clients. Our creative video content can do just that because we’re far more interested in the success of our clients than any awards we could win.

Suppose you want to invest time and a portion of your marketing budget in a video production company that will deliver a tangible return on investment. In that case, the Slinky video team will be a perfect fit. You won’t find us attending every awards gala the industry throws, but you will find us hard at work turning our client’s stories and ideas into engaging, beautiful, shareable video content.

Why our clients value us


Why Choose Slinky?

Located in the heart of Birmingham UK, Slinky Productions was founded and staffed by television professionals to ensure the highest broadcast standards and practices were brought to all productions. Our core business is video, and we pride ourselves on being a video production company that combines premium client service with transparent costs, helping us to collect over 75 repeat clients with an 81% client retention rate.

Our permanent office and post-production studio in Birmingham are ideally situated, allowing you to drop in for a production meeting or watch your video take shape in our comfortable edit suite, where you can take advantage of onsite parking and limitless coffee.

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Video Showcase

Our company’s core business is built on word-of-mouth, and we have used our excellent reputation to produce hundreds of hours worth of content for major businesses and brands. The selection of content on our showcase page highlights the talent, sheer volume and variety of brands and clients we have worked with over the past seven years. Additionally, our portfolio includes a wide range of creative video content designed to engage and captivate audiences.

Working in various locations, from TV studios to construction sites, we are a video company that consistently rises to meet any challenge. Whether it’s producing an NHS training video or a fitness equipment promotional series, you can be assured that we will provide a full video team to fulfil your brief accurately.

We are a video production company that is happy to travel worldwide, with recent shoots taking us all over the United Kingdom and further abroad to Poland, Spain and Germany.

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Behind The Scenes

The staff team at Slinky Productions come from various media backgrounds but have one thing in common: a dedication to high quality footage and storytelling. We are experienced professionals in all aspects of video and film production, fully trained in the latest in video equipment and post-production software.

Our 21-stage quality control process ensures that the video content we create for our clients are all mistake-free and ready to roll out to your customers or across your social media platforms. At Slinky, we allow our clients to relax and trust in our on-time delivery while standing out from other film and video production companies.

Our core team are all DBS / CRB checked and First Aid trained and experienced in working with actors, children, animals and delicate products!

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What We Produce

Filming corporate production videos Birmingham

Corporate Videos, Company Profile Films, Marketing Communications 

Company graphics and animation for video projects

Explainer Animations, Motion Graphics and Infographic Animations

Create promotional and product showcase videos

Product & Promotional Video Production, Explainer Videos

Focused and concise customer and client testimonial filming

Client Case Study and Testimonial Films

Creating engaging web videos Birmingham

Website Video Content for Sales & Marketing

Educate employers and clients with an effective training video

Staff Induction, Instructional Training, Customer Service & Recruitment Films

Stick to your audience by creating a social marketing video.

Quirky, Memorable and Infectious Viral Films for Social Media Platforms

Specific, technical videos for advanced engineering companies

Specialist Technical, Engineering, IT and Manufacturing Video Content

Specialist video creation for third sector and charity

Fund-Raising & Campaign Films, Government & NGO Video Production

Making high-quality, professional TV Commercials

Regional & National TV Ad Campaigns

Managing and filming live conferences and events

Filming & Video Inserts for Presentations, Conferences, Exhibitions

Experts in filming your live stage performances and concerts.

Multi-Camera, Showcase & Feature Production

Video Production Company Birmingham and Beyond

The moving image is proven to be the most powerful and influential brand communication and marketing tool in the world.

Slinky Productions can help your project reach your audience by providing a complete, cost-effective solution for your video production, offering first-class service and support throughout – carefully crafted, from conception and pre-production to delivery and distribution. We are a transparent film best video production company striving to make the video production process as smooth as possible for you.

We produce professional video content, films and broadcast programmes for distribution on platforms including terrestrial television, the Internet, podcasts, exhibition display, large screen event display – and pretty much any other video medium you can think of – all on-time, on-budget and with a large helping of creative flair!

Birmingham Video Production Services and Professional Film Company: Slinky is proud to be one of the UK’s most trusted video production companies, producing high-engagement corporate video and branded content.

Frequently Asked Questions Around Video Production Companies

Here at Slinky, we get asked a lot of questions around video production, animation and corporate video. So, we’ve created a short FAQ to help! If you are still unsure or want to ask a more bespoke question, get in touch with us.

How much does video production cost?

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Video costs vary significantly across projects with any video production company, but as a ballpark guide, typical full filming, video editing and animation projects with Slinky start from around £3.5k – £4k (ex VAT). Get in touch through our enquiry page so that we can provide you with a more accurate cost.

Will there be additional costs?

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When we get to the quoting stage, we will provide a line-by-line quotation so you can see everything you are paying for – from creative development through to pre production and post production – as well as a list of exclusions. Later down the line, if you decide to add something to the project, we are more than happy to facilitate this, but there are no hidden fees once a quote has been agreed. To find out about some common additional requirements and their costs, see our page.

Do you have any experience with …. ?

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With 12+ years of experience as a video production company, we have filmed and produced a wealth of different projects of varying shapes and sizes, covering hundreds of weird and wonderful subjects and sectors, so it’s very likely we’ll have a video example in our archive that’s close to what you are looking to produce. Ultimately, we are professional storytellers, so whatever sector your business or organisation is based within, you can be sure we’ll be able to turn your vision into a compelling, engaging and creative video production. Check out a selection of our clients – and our video showcase page to see what we’ve been up to.

How long is a filming day?

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A typical shoot day lasts between 6 and 10 hours (excluding travel time), but it is different from project to project, depending on what footage or B-roll needs to be captured. We’ll work with you throughout the entire process of pre-production to develop your project’s most efficient filming schedule and let you know what is achievable within the time available.

How long after filming can I see the first video content preview?

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Typically, we aim to turn around first previews of video production projects within 5-7 working days after filming, depending on the project and the required edit deliverables. Complex animations can take a little longer to produce, which will be discussed during the pre-production phase. The first preview will be a complete first pass for you to provide feedback on, with only the colour grade and subtitles (if required) missing. These will be added once the project is ready to be mastered in to the final video.

As a video production agency, how do you ensure my video project will be delivered to a high standard?

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It doesn’t matter if 2 or 2 million viewers are expected to view your video; we treat everything with the highest quality attention. At Slinky, we run a complete 21-point quality control process on every video deliverable. Any video production company should accept nothing less!