Online Video is Here to Stay

Experts predict that by 2019, 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be devoted to consuming video content. That’s no surprise, with video being one of the defining trends of the digital age; it remains one of the stickiest mediums that web users continue to devour.

If video isn’t in your marketing plan, it really should be. Every statistic points to continual growth for this form of content and, regardless, it is incredibly fun to produce.

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Smartphones now offer sophisticated imaging technology and are capable of equaling the output of what were once expensive, professional alternatives by shooting in resolutions as high as 4K. Add in automatic image stabilisation and a wealth of low-cost editing apps and virtually anyone can create an impressive-looking movie.

All you need is an idea and knowledge of how to build an audience for your video.

If you still need convincing that video is worthy of your time as a marketer, we’ve got 20 video marketing tips that are bound to make you sit up and take notice.

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1. When we reach 2019, experts predict it’ll take you 5 million years to watch all of the video content that passes through the web in any given month (source: Cisco).

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2. Online video is so popular that it now accounts for 50% of all online traffic (source: Cisco).

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3. The use of video on demand (VoD – think services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer) is likely to double by 2019 (source: Cisco).

4. 78% of people watch online videos every single week (source: Groupon Works).

5. Since 2014, spending on mobile video has increased by 18% (source: AoL).

6. Proving that long-form content is absolutely relevant in the digital age, 65% of people who watch online video consume at least three quarters of everything they view (source: Business2Community).

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7. In what represents a seismic shift in video consumption, around half of advertisers are now moving their marketing budget focus from TV to online video (source: AoL).

8. Over 80% of senior executives (and, quite often, the decision makers) watch more online video now than the did a year ago (source: Forbes).

9. 57% of marketers believe video is effective enough to rate it as the second most popular content format, sitting just behind the good old-fashioned case study (which, incidentally, can be made via video, too!) (source: Content Marketing Benchmark Report).

10. Smartphone share of video is up 33%, while tablets have declined around 7% year-on-year. This points to the smartphone replacing the tablet as the video viewing device of choice, and is no surprise with such devices becoming the default computer for many people (source: Adobe).

11. Around 16% of websitesfeature a video of some sort on their home page, be it a testimonial, product demo or behind the scenes glimpse at the inner workings of their business (source: Crayon).

12. Video adverts enjoy the highest click-through rate of all digital ad formats at 1.84%. Not a big number on the face of it, but huge in terms of digital advertising (source: Business Insider).

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13.Over 30% of brands’ 2015 digital video budgets were dedicated to branded video, and experts have predicted that percentage to double in 2016 (source: AoL).

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14. If you thought YouTube was big, get ready to find out just how big, with a little bit of context; the service’s billion plus users account for nearly one-third of all people on the internet. That’s how big YouTube is! (source: YouTube)

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15. Retailers that offer product videos sell more than those that don’t, and 90% of online shoppers find retailer videos helpful (source: Video Brewery).

16. When using the word ‘video’in an email subject line, marketers find that, on average, open rates increase by 19%, unsubscribes are reduced by 26% and click-through rates rocket by 65%. A perfect example of two content formats working in perfect harmony (source: Syndacast).

17. The top 5 industries using video marketing are software, marketing, healthcare, non-profit and education. Is yours amongst them? (source: Crayon).

18. Around 52% of marketersacross the globe named online video as the form of content that delivers them the highest return on investment (ROI) (source: Business2Community).

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19. By November 2015, Facebook videos were averaging 8 billion views every single day from a pool of around 500 million users. Experts predict that number to continue to rise as social media video becomes increasingly popular (source: Tech Crunch).

20. Mobile devices continue to dominate when it comes to video with experts predicting that, in 2016, 50% of all online video views will take place on smartphones or tablets. Think back to the last time you watched a video online – which device did you use? (source: MediaPost).


Fancy a bonus stat? Why not! A 2015 report discovered that 93% of marketers were using video for online marketing, sales and communication. We think that’s the biggest and most impressive of the lot; it demonstrates that video isn’t just at home in the marketing department – it is equally as effective assisting sales teams and aiding communication with customers.

It bears repeating: if you’re not diverting a significant portion of your marketing budget to video, you need to revisit that spreadsheet. The thought of becoming a mini production company may seem daunting, but with eminently accessible video technology and plenty of options for hosting (many with ready-made audiences, such as YouTube and Vimeo), getting into the world of video is far easier than you think.

Where video will go next is a curious question, but with super-fast broadband access nearing ubiquity and a world population clearly obsessed with the medium, it shows no signs of doing anything other than continuing to grow significant year-on-year.