When it comes to video marketing, the first platform which comes to mind is YouTube, however over the last years we have seen a phenomenal growth of Facebook video.

Creating engaging videos isn’t easy, but if the content you’re promoting is video-based, you’ve got something of a head start. The trick lies in leveraging its features in order to highlight why your business deserves user attention.

Here are four ways to leverage Facebook video in business:

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1.  Create content purely for Facebook

If you can create “premiere” content that is available solely on Facebook, you’ll create a sense of intrigue that will likely draw in more viewers. After all, if something is special, we all want in, don’t we?

Avoid taking the easy route by simply reposting the video from your website’s homepage and instead create standalone pieces that are short in length (just twenty seconds will do) but which hint at what’s to come, either in the full-length website video or from a new product or service

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2. Not all video content needs to be pre-recorded

If you open the Facebook app on your smartphone, you’ll spot an innocuous little button in the menu labeled “Live”. For businesses, that button can be a gateway to incredibly powerful follower engagement.

Facebook Live enables regular users and businesses to stream live video to their friends and followers. It represents a seismic leap forward in technology too; what was once the domain of news stations with expensive broadcasting equipment can now be accessed entirely from a smartphone.

This means you can ease your reliance on pre-recorded video content and instead combine it with live pieces. The latter could be behind-the-scenes tours or Q&As and you should find that, the more you broadcast, the more people tune in.

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3. Never forget your call-to-action (CTA)

Please forgive the back-to-school marketing lesson we’re about to deliver, but if your videos are being published on Facebook without a CTA,  you’re wasting your time.

Viewers need to be given clear instruction if the video is to do anything meaningful for your business. It could be a click through to a landing page on your website or share button, but whatever your CTA is, make sure it accompanies every video you post.  

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4. Use playlists

A little-known trick offered by Facebook video is the ability to create playlists.

As you build your library of shareable videos, it’s sensible to provide viewers with a list of additional watching material. With just a minor investment of your time, Facebook’s video playlist features enables you to control the viewing experience and ensure people engage with your content for far longer.

Wrapping up

Facebook and video go hand-in-hand, but you can’t simply post a video and expect it to perform miracles. Use the tips in this post to ensure the content you share on Facebook performs a stellar job for your business.