Becoming ultra productive at work is all about building good habits throughout your life, no matter what you’re doing.

If you think about it, in order to achieve anything – be it that monumental board report or the washing up – you need to get yourself into a mindset where you want to get it done.

That’s not easy, but if you implement the following five strategies at home, you’ll have a much easier time in the office when it comes to getting to the bottom of your to-do list each day.

1. Follow a morning and evening ritual

man running

People who are particularly successful at work usually have solid morning and evening rituals.

They’ll get up at the same time, go to bed consistently within the same ten minute window and manage their time effectively during these critically important times of the day.

You can do the same. Don’t flex your night time and morning routines too much or focus too intently on your smartphone – it’ll make the world of difference to how you feel each day.

2. Apply the 80/20 rule to the stuff that matters

There’s this wonderful thing called the ‘Pareto Principle’ which states that 20% of your effort should deliver 80% of the results.

In sales, that means 20% of your best customers will deliver 80% of your total revenue, and the same goes for productivity.

At home, try and work out where your best efforts originate from. For instance, if you finally managed to clear the garage out in half the time you thought it would take, there’ll be a reason for your speediness. Identifying it will help you nail the 80/20 rule in all walks of life.

3. Give yourself time-outs from everything

You need time out at home, too. man relaxing in armchair

Whether you have a particularly young, noisy family or simply need to get out of the house, scheduling in ‘me time’ is vitally important if you’re to remain fresh and ready to tackle your jobs when the time comes.

Book it into your diary if it helps; you’re allowed to schedule time of your own, after all.

4. Stop procrastination (it’s bad for home life, too!)

Procrastination can damage any gains you make productivity-wise if it’s not kept to a minimum.
Of course, it doesn’t hurt to procrastinate a bit at home – it’s healthy – but too much will ensure this trait slowly creeps into your working life, too.

If you’ve been sat on the sofa essentially doing nothing on your smartphone for the last hour, ask yourself how you could better use that time in the future.

5. Stop managing time – manage your energy instead

Time management is important, but it pales in comparison to energy management.

If your energy levels are low, your productivity will take a dip, too. This is why your sleep routine is so important, but also why you should get regular exercise, eat healthily and do something when you feel your energy levels dip.

Wrapping up

Who’d have thought the stuff you do in your spare time would have such a big impact on your ability to be productive at work?

Follow our tips above, and you’ll start to realise just how productive you can be in all walks of life.