Behind the Scenes Videos

UK Parliament – Houses Of Parliament

Tours Promo | Behind the Scenes


It’s not every day that you are invited to work within one of the worlds most iconic buildings. Especially one that is both the centre of British politics and a leading international tourist destination. The marketing team for the Houses of Parliament Tours wanted to create a collection of new promotional video content.

Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets

Behind the Scenes | Slinky On-Location


Right at the end of 2017, in a chilly warehouse the Slinky Team spent three days filming 22 videos for the Latham’s team.  These video consisted of installations, promotional material and highlighting the many security benefits of installing a Latham’s Steel Doorset.  Find out more on their website.

Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets

Gag Reel | Behind the Scenes Hilarity!


When filming for three days in a cold warehouse – it pays to have a sense of humour! Here’s a small sample of some of the laughs we had with the great Latham’s team and an insight into how difficult it is to stick on a ‘Fire Exit’ sign!.

N Brown Group – Corporate Filming

Behind The Scenes | Slinky On-Location


In 2015 Slinky travelled up to Manchester to film a set of corporate business videos for fashion company, N Brown (who own the brands JD Williams, Simply Be and Jacamo). All scenes tightly followed a shot list and script in the busy filming schedule, taking us from the nearest local cafe to the top floor at N Brown HQ.

The Education and Training Foundation

Behind The Scenes | Green Screen Filming


The Education and Training Foundation approached  Slinky to create a stylish graphical piece for the 2015 TES Awards.

Following ETFs branding design, Slinky came up with a unique idea; Lets take their silhouette design shapes of teachers, builders, photographers, doctors and other industry professionals, and animate them by shooting real actors (and some Slinky crew) in a green screen studio, and keying them out as an alpha layer. We then sent those live elements into graphics post production to interact with graphical elements to create the finished piece.

Behind the Scenes | Compilation Video


This video offers a glimpse into the production stage of some of Slinky’s early projects. All footage was shot prior to Spring 2012.

Originally produced as part of our presentation at video partners A T Communications Summer Showcase.

You can even see the Wychwood Hobgoblin having his make-up touched up – though he’ll never admit to wearing it.

TICCS Exercise Videos – Studio Shoot | Timelapse


Behind the scenes of a 3-day studio shoot in Birmingham, producing 52 short exercise videos for TICCS and their new online portal for physiotherapy patients.

TICCS has been a leading provider of rehabilitation services across the UK for 20 years.

Centrick Property – Speed Drawing | Timelapse


Slinky were tasked with producing a series of promotional videos for Centrick Property.

The aim was to guide prospective customers through the buying process and inform existing tenants of their online troubleshooting system.

They wanted a speed drawing video to clearly demonstrate each stage of these processes, so it was up to Visual Designer Ryan to break out the felt tips.

See how the final video was achieved with this timelapse of the production process.

Slinky Christmas Card | Digital Speed Drawing


As a huge ‘thank you’ to all our friends and clients throughout each and every year, Slinky habitually sends a batch of Christmas cards out.

Not just any cards however, each year sees a new design created in-house at Slinky so it feels just that little bit more personal.

However one card pushed the envelope (pun intended) and by using a QR code printed on the back of each card, said card owner would be taken to this very video. Letting them see the design created from the ground up into the finished product right in their very hand.

Ishida Brand Development | Motion Graphics


We were approached by Ishida Europe to re-brand their extensive video archive, creating a new graphics package to be applied to all existing and future productions.

This video shows the graphic development process from initial concepts through to final delivery.

Slinky Have Landed at The Bond

Network Lunch Highlights


Highlights of our Networking Lunch Open Day (March 2016) to celebrate our move to our new office premise at The Bond in Digbeth, Birmingham.

Video filmed and edited by Alex Dewhirst.