Meet the Team

Say hello to the faces of Slinky Productions!

Scott Ledbury

Managing Director
Exec. Producer  /  Co-founder

After six years of media college and uni, Scott’s first graduate step on the career ladder was making tea at the BBC. He soon started working on a variety of programmes for BBC1, ITV and Channel 5.

Moving on to a Sutton Coldfield based production company, Scott began climbing the ranks from his first job there as a Video Editor, and then over time became a Director and Live Show-caller on many productions – working with the likes of Ricky Gervais, Cliff Richard, Bruce Forsyth and the legendary Timmy Mallet(!) – whilst also having the pleasure of filming at a range of notable venues, including Abbey Road and 10 Downing Street.

These days Scott is found leading Slinky’s company strategies, producing and directing a diverse range of video content at Slinky — and occasionally still makes the tea!
He also hosts Backlight, the Video & Digital Marketing Podcast from Slinky.

In his downtime, Scott enjoys travelling the world riding rollercoasters, and is a proud member of the Rollercoaster Club Of Great Britain!

Dominic Hyland-Mathewson

Exec. Producer  /  Director

After finishing his studies in Film Production at Staffordshire University, Dom soon found himself working for a creative agency in the heart of Media City, Manchester.

Over time he worked up the ranks, producing a range of projects; from social media campaigns, commercials, heritage AV’s and corporate films. Not to mention, getting involved in personal projects during his spare time.

Well equipped with this new experience and variety of knowledge, Dom was drawn back to the Midlands — right to where he grew up in fact. Finally, landing the prestigious position of Senior Producer at Slinky Productions.

Glen Harris

Producer  /  Director

From the very beginning, Glen knew that he wanted to be in the film and media industry. After getting his first handicam and free editing software package, the dots connected.

Going on to study Film Production at university for a number of years, Glen put his practise to the test by working at a local TV station as their cameraman and editor. Eventually, expanding out to a wider range of commercial businesses to produce in-house media content.

After ‘playing the field’ and gaining valuable experience in video across a multitude of roles (and across the country!) Glen settled into producing and directing regularly, finding a hidden enjoyment in overseeing the whole process of video production. Unsurprisingly this became a new career focus, eventually landing Glen right in the lap of Slinky Productions.

You’ll find Glen at Slinky happily tackling his role; regularly talking to clients, directing on-set and carefully overseeing videos in the editing suite.

Ryan Cox

Lead Designer

Starting his Slinky life with a Media apprenticeship back in 2013, Ryan now holds permanent place as Lead Designer. Specialising in the wizardry that is graphics, animation and image manipulation.

During his humble media student years, Ryan had tried it all, from pre-production to post. Working up the production chain, he eventually found his calling in graphical design and animation. Those discovered skills — developed through many hours of personal projects and pursuits — have turned into confident ability.

At Slinky, Ryan wears many hats, and still undertakes cameraman and editor roles alongside design duties. However, the best showcase of his work is the wide range of professional animation videos Slinky has produced over the years.

Stuart Jacobs-Cook

Motion Graphic Designer

Stu’s journey started in Birmingham with a BTEC in Graphic Design. Following this, he left his home city for 3 years to study Graphic Design further at the University of Lincoln. This helped solidify his core design and motion graphic skills for the working world — with a sprinkle of Glitch Art on the side.

Yet, the charms of Birmingham were soon missed. He travelled back to home turf and found work as a freelancing Tech and Motion Graphics Tutor for a local arts centre. Thereafter finding himself at the golden gates of Slinky.

As a Motion Graphic Designer, we see him putting those well-developed skills to good use. Creating a range of creative graphics and animations for our superb clients!

Giorgos Othonos

Production Assistant

Currently studying Film Technology and Visual Effects at Birmingham City University, Giorgos Othonos (also goes by ‘George’) joins Slinky as our Production Assistant intern.

Before coming to the UK, George studied multimedia for a couple of years at the Cyprus University of Technology. Alongside undertaking his studies, he successfully created the Student Cut Film Society. Who have a distinct focus on creating short films.

Taking his film passion even further, George created opportunities for himself, working with local Cyprus Directors and Directors of Photography. Even getting the opportunity to work on Sony and Brother commercials as an Assistant Technician.

Now experienced and with a strong grasp of the industry, George expanded, working with a wide range of companies within Cyprus as a Freelancer. Taking on various roles in editing and lighting, through to VFX and camera operation.

We are happy to have George on board, assisting the team with his broad range of experience.
You can find him on set, helping with cameras, equipment and general assisting duties. But also back in the office, handling gear, organisation and the occasional coffee run.

Steve Mackie


Steve began his career in theatre with a long and notable spell working worldwide with West End / Broadway shows and large-scale concerts. Steve then joined Birmingham Royal Ballet as Deputy Head of Lighting for five successful years.

After leaving theatre, Steve co-founded Slinky Productions with Scott Ledbury, taking control of the office as Production Manager, but also serving as lighting expert for our many studio and live shoots.

In 2016, Steve decided to head back to his roots in the world of theatre, moving on from Slinky Productions. Though Steve is no longer with Slinky day to day, he occasionally returns to consult for us on lighting and live event ventures.