What are the best video marketing platforms in 2019? Whether you need video hosting, or if you’re a video production agency that needs to showcase its clients’ best work, there are more options than you might think.

From YouTube to TikTok, finding the top video marketing platform for your business or project isn’t easy, but we’re going to break down the options in one handy blog post.

But, first…

What is a video marketing platform?

What is a video marketing platform, we hear you ask? It’s simply somewhere to host your video marketing projects or, if you’re a video production agency like us, somewhere to showcase the video content marketing you produce for clients.

There are other options, of course. You could, for example, host video marketing projects on your own website (not something we would recommend). There’s just one issue; you’ll need a huge amount of bandwidth and storage space if you intend to get serious about it.

A video marketing platform has that stuff in abundance. In fact, it’s never a worry; just pick a reputable platform, upload your video content marketing and watch as the views flood in. You won’t run out of space (unless you’re using a platform that offers limited space), nor will you hit bandwidth and playback issues.

The best video marketing platforms also feature ready-made audiences for you to tap into. Most will also offer some form of advertising or revenue share to help you make money from your videos.

How to chose the right video marketing platform for your business

Finding the right video marketing platform for your business is relatively straightforward, once you know what to look for.

It all starts with the content itself. Why are you undertaking the project in the first place? Is it a product launch, behind-the-scenes look at your operation or a customer case study?

Depending on the type of content you’re creating, the right video marketing platform will depend on a number of factors:

  • The audience: Do you need to tap into a ready-made audience that will be interested in your new product? What type of audience is your video aimed at?
  • The cost: Do you have the budget to spend on a video marketing platform that offers unlimited storage for a monthly fee?
  • Advertising: Do you need to advertise the video in order to gain views and put it in front of people who might become customers?
  • Embedding: Do you want to use the services of a video hosting platform to simply do the technical stuff so that you can display the video on your own website?

Before you choose a video hosting platform, make sure you take all of the above into account.

However, it’s also worth bearing in mind that you don’t have to pick just one platform; if needed, you can use several in order to take advantage of their varying features and audiences.

Why use video marketing?

Video remains one of the most engaging forms of content marketing. It’s likely to keep people on your website for longer and encourage them to take action.

Video marketing is also far more affordable these days. You can produce simple videos in-house with your smartphone if desired, but even hiring a video production agency is far less burdensome on marketing budgets than it once was.

People love watching video. Think about how often you see videos on your Facebook or Twitter feed – and how often you’ll click that ‘play’ button to see what it’s all about.

Video content marketing spans all industries, too, therefore even if you think you operate in a relatively ‘boring’ sector, video marketing has the potential to bring it alive.

Free vs Paid platforms

There’s no such thing as a free lunch – particularly in marketing.

Even if you decide to use a free video marketing platform, you’ll be paying for it in some way. These platforms make their money by collecting user data and using it to advertise. That data will be yours and potentially your audience’s.

Free platforms can also be a bit of a risk; if they go under and disappear entirely, they’ll take your content with them. They also ‘own’ the audience; you’re simply tapping into it.

This doesn’t make free platforms a waste of time – far from it. It’s just sensible to keep the above points in mind and use them to your advantage.

At some stage, you’ll probably have to start paying for video marketing hosting in some way if you produce a significant amount of video content or want to take advantage of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. And that’s fine, too!

The platforms to keep an eye on

So, now we know why video marketing is important to virtually every business, which platform should you use?

We think there are seven that are worth keeping an eye on and trying out. They vary between straight-up video hosting sites and social media platforms. The difference? The audience! Video hosting sites sometimes only provide that service, while social media platforms come with audiences that you can tap into, as well.

1. YouTube

Probably the most familiar video hosting platform and social network on this list, and one most of us use at some stage each week.

YouTube is entirely free to upload your videos to and features a huge audience. There are also great advertising opportunities should you hit the big time.


IGTV is Instagram’s take on long-form video, but it hasn’t been entirely successful thus far.

Regardless, it’s worth trying out if you want to dip your toes into the world of vertical video.

The downsides? IGTV suffers from poor user features, and no monetisation options (yet). Put it on the ‘maybe we’ll try it’ list.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is very similar to YouTube, but it’s ad-free and features limited storage for free users.

There’s no audience to speak of because Vimeo focuses on hosting, pure and simple – and it does it very well indeed if you’re willing to spend a bit of money.

4. Wistia

Many businesses use Wistia to host their video marketing.

You’ll have to pay to use it for serious video marketing, but the free account offers 200Gb of bandwidth and room for three videos.

5. Facebook

The world’s most recognisable social network is also one of the biggest video hosting sites.

Much like YouTube, Facebook allows free, unrestricted uploading for video, but if you’re a business, you’ll need to take advantage of its PPC platform to get any meaningful reach and engagement.

6. Brightcove

Brightcove is a video hosting platform through-and-through without any form of audience.

That’s not a downside, either, because Brightcove features a wonderful array of monetisation and video features from live streaming to server-side ad insertion.

7. TikTok

Quietly taking the social media world by storm, TikTok is a great option for businesses that want to experiment with short-form video.

TikTok is fast becoming the place in which to find viral videos that capture the attention of TikTok’s sizeable audience.

Check out our guide to TikTok.

Wrapping up

Video marketing can make a real difference to any business. Use our guide above to find the hosting platforms that best suit your campaigns.