Birmingham Pride can trace its origins all the way back to the early 2000’s, albeit much smaller in scale. Aiming to raise awareness and acceptance of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. Skip ahead 15 or so years later, the celebrations have snowballed into the huge event Pride has become, receiving positive feedback from the gay and straight communities alike.

Now Birmingham Pride 2015 can happily hold the crown for the best pride yet. This past weekend saw more then 75,000 people make their way to Brum, for what is statistically the biggest Pride to date. Looking back at the shows, artists and entertainment on offer; such as Example, Jimmy Somerville, Atomic Kitten and Jess Glynne on the main stage – it comes as no surprise.

Birmingham Pride Slinky working images at event
Birmingham Pride unity flag crowed event

Slinky crews were on task all weekend again this year, working dawn till dusk (and then some) to capture the whole celebration. The set-up mimicked last years, two cameras stationed in the main stage tent along with our mini Jib crane, for those high-angle, crowd-sea shots. You get a great sense of the atmosphere and the shear number of people that came to support the event and see their favourite artists.

Capturing all the action street-side were two separate roaming camera units, plus GoPro’s, put on task throughout the Saturday. This was essential, especially for the Birmingham Pride citywide parade, that kicked off the festivities, drawing in tens of thousands of spectators.

As a result, footage came in waves with so many different areas, ranging from dance marques, to live shows and the mini fun fair – we couldn’t help but shoot it all! It’s great to see the amount of enjoyment and support that arises from Birmingham Pride each year.

So if you were unfortunate enough to miss this year or just want to re-live the memories, we’ve got you covered. Here you will find the overall highlights video for the entire weekend, see if you can spot yourself, you’ll be one in 75,000!