Slinky Productions Interactive Review System

Our interactive video preview system is one of the premium client features that Slinky Productions provides. It increases the efficiency of the approval process, meaning less emails back and forth wasting valuable editing time.

It all starts with a web link to your video preview that you can view in your browser. Wipster works best on a desktop and is the recommended viewing platform.

You can forward this video link to anyone in your team who may need to view or comment on the video. We recommend reviewers stay at around  2-4 people, in order to streamline the review process.

Once your team has made all their comments, you will need to filter them. Check/clarify all of the comments and amendments that you would like us to address, typing responses directly onto Wipster.

Most importantly, email us when your clarification is complete, letting us know that you are happy to proceed with all changes. Without this email we cannot begin to make the requested changes. As a result of your feedback a new video edit will be created. After completion it will be uploaded back onto Wipster, replacing the old video with this newest version. If your viewing an old, outdated version, a red warning banner will appear that the top of the screen.