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CloseHangman randomly selects a movie title from a frequently-updated database.
You have up to 8 incorrect letter guesses before the stick man gets it!

Welcome to Slinky's Movie Hangman Game - the classic word game to play online for free!

The Hangman game engine randomly selects a movie title from a frequently-updated database, and you have up to 8 incorrect letter guesses in each round before the stick man gets it! Good luck...

* Refresh this page at any time to load a new puzzle. Your current score will be saved.

Who/what is Slinky?
You may think that Slinky is perhaps a cute adorable character, alias or something else, but the truth is in fact rather boring.... we are in fact a video production company based in Birmingham, England.

Why hangman?
We love movie trivia here at Slinky, and think that the classic retro word game of hangman is rather underserved on the internet. So here it is in all it's non-flashy, simplistic game glory!

How many questions are in the hangman database?
There are many hundreds of questions and answers in each database, so plenty to keep you busy for many, many hours of procrastination.

What range of movies are in the database?
The word game database has a wide variety of movie genres in it; ranging from comedy films, to drama and documentary. The earliest release year we have is 1934 and the newest is up to the present day!

How often is the game database updated?
We frequently update the database to keep up with new film releases and other movie trivia ideas we have. We don't always announce the updates, but be assured that we're working hard behind the scenes to keep the content fresh.

Do you include movie titles that contain numbers (such as sequels) and other special characters?
Yes. We have converted all numbers to words (for example, 'Jaws 2' becomes 'Jaws Two') and we have stripped all special characters from titles; such as apostrophes, exclamations and question marks.

Do you have any playing tips?
In the English language, the twelve most commonly occurring letters are, in descending order: e-t-a-o-i-n-s-h-r-d-l-u.
Another good strategy for this type of word game is to guess vowels first. English only has five vowels (a, e, i, o and u), and almost every word has at least one.

Is there an app available for iOS or Android?
Slinky's Movie Hangman Game isn't available as a downloadable app at present, and we don't have any plans to release one anytime soon.
The game however does play online fine with most mobile, tablet and desktop web browsers.
As an alternative; if you're using a browser on a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android), you can save/add the game to your home screen as a Web App. Look out for the share/send icon in the browser and select 'Add To Home Screen'.

I've spotted a nasty bug. Can you squish it?
The game was fuelled by lots of coffee and late nights, so please forgive our sorry souls :)
Yes, we can attempt to squish your said bug. Please let us know through the feedback form (click the tab above) and we'll do our best to exterminate him.

I have an idea for another version/edition of the game. Can I send through my ideas?
We welcome all of your comments and feedback for future consideration. Drop us a line through our feedback form with your thoughts (click the tab above).

I can't get enough of hangman ...
You may need help. In the meantime, here is a nerdy article about hangman. Enjoy: 25 Best Hangman Words

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