There are many unique factors that set TikTok apart from its rival social media sites, from its penchant for short and punchy content to its noticeably young audience.

Another unique element of the TikTok platform is its ‘live gifting’ feature, which provides an additional incentive for users to create compelling content and grow their audience organically over time.

But what exactly is live gifting and how does it work on the TikTok platform? We’ll explain all in the article below.

So, What Exactly is Live Gifting?

In simple terms, the unique live gifting feature allows viewers to show their appreciation to their favourite creators by sending them virtual gifts.

These gifts are then taken into account by the TikTok site as part of the calculation of the reward for the individual creator who is hosting a live stream.

Of course, it can be argued that TikTok’s live gifting feature boasts some similarities to YouTube’s ‘Super Chat’ alternative. In this case, live stream viewers can ‘purchase’ chat messages that stand out and are pinned to the top of the chat feed, with part of the money paid as a reward to the creator or host.

In this respect, live gifting represents an excellent way for users to monetise their TikTok accounts in real-time, especially if they’re able to build a large audience.

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How Does Live Gifting on TikTok Work?

While users simply need to create live content and stream this to an engaged audience (although this is far easier said than done), the question that remains is how can fans give rewards through the TikTok platform?

Firstly, you’ll need to be 18 years or older to both send and receive gifts, while those of you who are eligible will have to purchase virtual coins in-app. Coins can be found in your profile settings within the ‘Balance’ tab and you’ll simply need to select the ‘Recharge’ icon to view the various coin denomination options.

Once said coins are purchased, they can be exchanged for virtual gifts of variable value, with these offerings coming in an array of diverse and fun forms.

Of course, different manifestations of gifts require variable coin amounts too, and you can check out TikTok’s ‘Virtual Items’ policy to review the full range of rewards in play and the associated terms and conditions.

Once you have enough coins to purchase your chosen gift, you can head over to your favourite live stream and select the gift panel on-screen.

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Then, you just need to hit ‘Send’ on any of the gifts that you want to give and this will appear immediately within the stream’s chat feature once the transaction has been completed.

If you haven’t purchased coins prior to the beginning of the stream, you can also send a gift later on by clicking directly on the ‘Gift’ icon at the bottom of the real-time screen and following the subsequent prompts.

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What are Diamonds? 💎

You may also have heard of ‘Diamonds’, which are awarded to creators by TikTok based on the popularity of their videos.

Interestingly, receiving gifts enables creators to increase the number of diamonds that they earn, which can then be exchanged for funds. These can subsequently be transferred through a viable payment method and you can check on the value of your earnings in your settings through the ‘Balance’ tab.

You can check out TikTok directly to learn more about live gifting, or simply click through the link featured in the content above! Don’t forget to check our Beginners Guide.