In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re still in the midst of summer here in the UK, while record-breaking heat waves are being recorded across the globe.

While the warm weather is to be celebrated in the UK, however, it can bring huge challenges in terms of productivity, from the stifling heat to the numerous distractions that exist outside of the workplace.

This can be particularly difficult for freelancers who aren’t bound by strict office or workplace rules. So, here are some ways in which you can cope with these challenges and stay productive in the summer.

Create a Work Schedule That Works for You

If you’re familiar with some of the Internet gurus out there, you’ll know that the prevailing advice is to extract yourself from your bed at 5 am and start your day while the rest of the world sleeps.

There’s merit to this idea, of course, especially during the summer months when the weather is considerably cooler in the morning. However, not everyone is a morning person, and forcing yourself from your bed to start work before sunrise simply isn’t for everyone.

So, although you should be open to creating an unorthodox schedule of work that’s tailored to suit you, it’s important to be creative and seek out ways of avoiding the warmer weather.

You could simply develop a consistent morning routine and pledge to start work as early as possible, for example, or consider working longer into the evening and enjoying an extended break when the weather is at its hottest during the day.

Create a Cool Workspace

Unless you start work at 3 am or simply work through the night, it’s likely that you will have to complete some tasks while the sun is high in the sky.

So, it’s important that you take practical steps to create a cool and comfortable workspace, especially if you work from home and have greater flexibility in terms of your office space.

An electric fan is a great way of keeping cool and circulating the air in your office, for example, while you could also look to keep your window ajar (so long as you don’t suffer from hay-fever).

Replenish yourself with lots of cool drinks too (preferably water), so that you remain hydrated and focused during the worst of the heat.

summer productivity

Leverage a Viable Productivity Method

Last, but by no means least, you could also look to leverage a viable productivity method as a way of keeping you honest during the summer.

In this instance, one of the best options is ‘time blocking’, which requires you to split your working day into individual blocks of time that are dedicated to completing a specific, strategic task.

This works because it asks you to prioritise tasks and organise them in a relevant chronological order, while it also makes allowances for ‘busy work’ such as answering emails and responding to colleagues (or clients). It also helps to keep you focused in the oppressive heat, by creating manageable tasks that can be handled one at a time.

Of course, there are other productivity methods that may be more suitable, but the key is to consider these in detail before making a final decision!