Do you continually wake up at 6am every Saturday and Sunday morning? And, when it happens, do you curse your inability to have a lie in?

If so, there might be something very good happening indeed (you just need to get over those early mornings at the weekend!). Beyond the fact you’re getting more weekend to play with, your body has clearly got into a routine at bedtime, and that means you’re healthier.

We’re often told that a consistent night time routine is important, but why?

You’ll have a better quality sleep

If you continually trick your body by going to bed either late, early or at just the right time, it’ll get confused.

This will manifest itself in you being unable to get to sleep quickly, tossing, turning and your mind wandering.

Our bodies like routine. Therefore, if you treat it to the same bedtime each night, you’re far more likely to have a more restful, high-quality night’s sleep.

You’ll be more productive in the morning

This might sound bizarre, but if you start working early in the morning, you’ll probably get lots done and to a pretty high standard.

That’s because your mind is creative and raring to go in the early hours, even if you don’t feel like it. However, it relies on a consistent sleep pattern and night time routine.

Your brain will be sharper during the day

We’ve all experienced that horrible feeling in meetings or at 3pm when the brain just won’t play ball.

You know what you need to do and how to do it, but there’s hardly any desire to actually get started. Worse, if you do get started, the quality of your work is pretty shocking.

With a consistent night time routine, your brain will get the rest it needs every single night and, consequently, be far more up to the task each day.

It’ll give structure to your day, too

Humans like routine, and if you build routine into the period just before you go to sleep, you’ll get used to being organised in that way.

Without much effort, you’ll start to find that this bleeds through into your day, too. That means your work will benefit from more structure, and so too will any project you tackle (be it work-based or something you’ve been dying to do at home, like learn the piano).

§night time routine, woman reading a book
Stop using computer and smartphone at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

It’ll give you more time at the weekend

We alluded to this at the start, but if you continually wake up early at the weekend, that’s not a bad thing at all!

As a result, you get more of Saturday and Sunday to do stuff you want to do, away from work. Your body, clearly wants to get up at that time, so don’t fight it!

Wrapping up

What time are you heading to bed tonight?

If you have a completely inconsistent night time routine at the moment, you’re probably tired, stressed, and nowhere near as productive as you could be.

Now is the perfect time to get a handle on your night time routine and make it as consistent as possible.