Did you know that YouTube’s 2 billion users are treated to approximately 720,000 hours of new video content every single day?

Hard to get your head around, right? And if you’re a budding YouTube creator yourself, you might be thinking it’s, therefore, an absolute waste of time trying to start a channel now.

But you’re wrong. In today’s blog, we’re going to explain why it’s such a good idea to start a YouTube channel right now and how you can go about making it a roaring success.

Why is now a good time to start a YouTube channel?

Those colossal numbers generated by the world’s most important video sharing service prove one thing: now, more than ever, is the best time to get involved as a creator.

There is no bigger audience anywhere else for your hard work. Within those billions of users, there lies countless niches – little groups of people who represent huge audiences for individual creators.

Whether you teach piano, review tech or share your lifestyle, there’s a ready-made audience on YouTube for it, waiting to discover you.

It’s important to also remember that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. That makes it bigger and more important the Bing, Ask, AOL and Yahoo! combined.

Before you dive in and start your channel, though, read these 10 tips on how to make sure it’s set up for success.

1. Throw yourself into the world of YouTube

Books, podcasts other YouTubers; the first step to becoming a YouTube yourself is to immerse yourself in the world of the platform.

Thankfully, you’re starting at a time when there is an absolute wealth of information and advice out there from people who have been there, done it, and failed countless time. Learn from their wins and mistakes.

2. Wait for the right moment (there is one)

It’s often said that there’s never a ‘right moment’ to do the big things in life, but that isn’t strictly true.

When it comes to starting a YouTube channel, you’ll know when that moment is. You might have found yourself with more time on your hands, or there might be a sudden influx of creativity in your world. Whatever it is – dive in when that moment arrives.

3. Nail down your niche

If you’ve done any amount of research into starting a YouTube channel, you might already be sick of the word ‘niche’, but it’s said so often for very good reason.

You can’t run a successful YouTube channel without a tightly defined niche. Trying to appeal to everyone won’t get you anywhere, whereas appealing to a small subset of people will reveal an audience you can engage quickly and for the long run.

4. Don’t focus solely on YouTube

It’s never sensible to have just one source of traffic if you’re serious about becoming a creator. Even if YouTube isn’t a business for you (although, arguably, it might turn into one), you need multiple sources of potential ‘customers’ (your audience).

So, alongside your planned YouTube channel, promise that you’ll also create a website with a blog and as many social media profiles as you can manage. In time, you’ll find that they all intertwine and benefit one another.

5. Don’t worry about kit

You can start a YouTube channel with your smartphone and nothing else. Indeed, some of the most successful YouTubers of all time have done just that.

Unless you happen to be a videographer or just fancy splashing out on a nice camera, lighting and shotgun mic, work with what you have. If you want to prioritise anything – make it the audio (you can pick up cheap mics on Amazon). But focus on the content – always.

6. Try running a few test videos to get into the rhythm

If you’re really unsure about how to get into the rhythm of producing videos on a regular basis, you can do a lot worse than run off a few test videos.

Make them a diary series of your early days as a YouTube or just get used to being in front of camera. These videos won’t make you a star on the platform, and they probably won’t draw in an audience, but they will get you used to creating videos regularly.

7. Promise yourself one video per week

There are lots of myths, half-truths and opinions on how much content you should create for YouTube in order to run a successful channel, but the most important thing is consistency.

Try and promise yourself that you’ll publish one video per week. In future, you can increase that (or decrease it, if that works for your audience), but in order to become consistent, one per week is the perfect starting point.

8. Expect the odd negative comment

There is a darker side of YouTube, unfortunately, and it comes in the form of unfair and occasionally nasty comments.

The bigger you get, the more likely you’ll be to receive a few. But the good news is that they really will be in the minority, and you can quickly remove and block anyone who takes a step too far.

The quicker you reconcile with the fact you’ll see comments like that occasionally, the less of an issue they’ll become.

9. Respond to your audience

The lovely side of YouTube is the fact you will inevitably receive some wonderful comments from some very nice people indeed.

They’ll thank you for your effort, explain how you’ve helped them and encourage you to carry on. Respond to as many of them as possible. It makes a difference to the community you’re building and will probably assist with the algorithm, too.

10. Develop a tight back end process

Consistency – there’s that word again. But how do you achieve it with so much else going on in your life?

It’s simple: you need to treat your YouTube channel like a production machine. That means you need a way of capturing ideas and monitoring their progress from idea to published video. That might be a spreadsheet or a project management tool; whatever it is, spend plenty of time building your ‘content engine’ – it’ll become your bible.

Wrapping up

Quite a lot to get done, right? But that’s cool, because you’ll soon discover that it’s an awful lot of fun.

Just remember to get cracking, test, fail, test again and keep improving. Those views and subscribers will soon come!