While TikTok may be a relatively new social media platform, it continues to see sustained and exponential growth.

At the end of September 2021, for example, it achieved a peak of one billion active global users, up from 700 million users last summer. This is driving the continued evolution of the platform, which is following the template set by other social media sites by integrating new and effective marketing features.

We’ll explore these further in the article below while asking how you can leverage these to the advantage of your business.

Introducing TikTok World -Bringing Brands and Customers Closer Together

You can learn more about how to use and get the most out of TikTok through our guide, with the platform constantly adding new and exciting features to help enrich the user experience.

TikTok is certainly one of the most creative and exciting platforms, with an estimated 61% of users saying that the content on the site is more unique than similar or equivalent channels.

Similarly, around seven-out-of-10 users say that TikTok ads are enjoyable, creating an opportunity for marketers to drive increasingly creative campaigns online.

To capitalise on this further, the site recently launched its TikTok World initiative, which is described as a global experience that has been designed to help commercial users and brands seek out increasingly creative ways of connecting with their audiences.

This feature includes a number of marketing solutions, which have been designed to have a real and positive impact on businesses and enhance the overall user experience.

NEW TikTok’s Creative Marketing Tools – A Breakdown

You can find out more about TikTok World here, but what are the exact solutions that can be found through TikTok World? Here’s a snapshot of the best features for marketers and customers alike.

woman showing new app features

TikTok Creator Marketplace

This accessible, self-service feature has been designed to connect brands and creators directly, enabling the former to develop various types of content that are relevant to their campaigns. There’s even a TikTok Creator Marketplace API, which allows access to first-party market data for creator experts who can subsequently offer enhanced and more comprehensive services.

Open Application Campaigns

With this feature, brands can post campaign briefs to creatives across the TikTok Marketplace, so that they can self-apply and participate accordingly. This helps to improve communication between brands and creators while encouraging far greater levels of interaction within your community.

Branded Content Toggle and Customised Instant Pages

TikTok’s new branded content toggle enables creators to mark videos and share commercial content without disrupting their creative flow, introducing an element of automation to the platform. Brands can also create customised landing pages that load in seconds (or 11-times faster than standard mobile pages), creating a more immersive experience for users across the board.