A key element of modern marketing is thought leadership.

This is where you position yourself or your business as an expert within its field. And you can
do this via a number of ways, all of which focus on the desire to ‘give away’ actionable
advice that draws in an audience and keeps them engaged.

In this blog, we’re going to consider five practical things you can do to become a better
thought leader.


1) Always strive to be better at what you do

Being a thought leader requires you to be an expert in your field and to do that you need to make sure you never stop learning. Book time in your schedule to read, watch and listen to as much material on your subject as you can. From blogs to podcasts and YouTube, the web is awash with content that will help you further your knowledge and make you feel more comfortable about offering your own opinion on the hot topics in your niche.


2) Create and promote your content (a lot of it)

Even if you’ve already got into the habit of regularly creating great content, you need to make sure you spend time promoting it if your hard work isn’t going to go to waste. Start with your blog and your social media profiles but also make sure you start getting your work published on other websites, be it by becoming a contributor or being interviewed. Of course, content doesn’t always have to come in the form of blog posts; you can also use videos and podcasts. In our podcast for instance, we regularly interview people who are thought leaders in their respective industries.


People, Phones, Network, Lines3) Network

Modern networking can take place in the real world as well as on social media and it remains a great way to promote yourself as a thought leader. By shaking hands both digitally and in person, you’ll be able to demonstrate to people that you have passionate thoughts and beliefs about what goes on in your industry. This is thought leadership of the best kind because there’s nothing quite like speaking directly to someone when seeking information or advice on a particular topic – it’s a great way to endear people to you.


4) Keep working on your personal brand

To perfect your thought leadership skills, you’ll need to work hard on your personal brand. That means using your presence on social media for more than just sharing photos of last night’s dinner and getting into the habit of blogging regularly. You’ll soon find that your inclination to do so will increase as you begin to get into the habit of building your own personal brand.


Man speaking in to microphone in recording studio5) Start a podcast

Publishing a podcast is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader. With content of this kind, you can reach a wide audience and connect with other influences and thought leaders by inviting them on as guests for an interview. What’s more, podcasting is something you can pretty much do in house and with minimal experience, so have some fun and experiment!


Wrapping up

Thought leadership is one of the most effective ways to build out both your business and
personal brand. It will entice people and help you create that all important audience to whom
you can market your products and services.