How often have you set yourself a bunch of New Year’s resolutions only to watch them fall apart as you head deeper into January?

Worse still, what about those resolutions you never got around to starting?

This is a perennial problem and something most humans are all too familiar with. We’re easily distracted from resolutions – particularly when they’re made ‘in the heat of the moment’ during the New Years celebrations.

However, if you’ve conducted a year end review and want to ensure you stick to your promises, we’ve got some tips for ensuring you do just that.

Plan your resolutions like goals

The key to building good habits is to plan anything you aim to do personally as you would do something at work.

In business, we’re to to set goals if we want to achieve new heights, and the exact same thing goes for your New Year’s resolutions.

So, before you attempt anything, sit down and write down the goals behind the resolutions. What will they mean in, say, six months’ time?

Be specific

If your New Year’s resolutions are specific, you won’t have a hope of achieving them. This is because any degree of ambiguity or complexity will encourage you to avoid those resolutions.

To avoid this, while planning your goals make sure those goals are ultra specific. If that means breaking them down into their constituent elements, so be it. And read them back to yourself. If they make zero sense go back to the drawing board.

new years resolutions

Keep tracking and measuring

The most successful New Year’s resolutions are those which are kept on track via plenty of measurement.

You can do this by continually measuring your process. Set time aside in your diary each week or month to check in with yourself and see how you’re progressing. If you’re not, make changes; if you are, congratulate yourself and forge on.

Just get on with it!

This is the last tip we’ll offer on New Year’s resolutions, but it’s also the simplest.

The best way to ensure you achieve your New Year’s resolutions is to simply get on with them. The more you procrastinate and put them off, the less likely they are to ever happen.

Us humans are great at this. We’ll always put off the hardest tasks either until the end of the day or indefinitely. Arguably, if you put them off for any length of time, they’ll probably never happen.

Think about your to-do list. How often do you keep moving the priority of that job you don’t want to undertake? It keeps getting pushed to tomorrow, doesn’t it? Only, tomorrow never comes.

Don’t do this with your resolutions. Instead, tackle them as fast as possible – particularly if they’re unpalatable.

Wrapping up

We hope our advice helps you build habits and a desire to succeed which results in New Year’s resolutions that stick.

It’ll take time and it’s not easy, but if you follow our advice above, those will transform your life – we promise.