Lots of us are working from home more than we ever used to. In fact, for some people, it’s an entirely new way of working.

Working from home has a number of really compelling benefits, but it is also full of potential pitfalls – chief among which is your work life and private life getting a little too ‘close’.

Most of us have experienced the perils of ‘taking your work home with you’. It can cause relationship problems, health issues and above all, make you far less happy.

When you work from home, this becomes even more of an issue – unless you implement these five brilliant, tried-and-tested planning tips for keeping your work tasks separate from your personal tasks.

1. Set boundaries throughout the day

One of the best ways to be as productive as possible, both at work and personally, is to set clear boundaries throughout your day.

This means setting time aside for work duties, but also doing the same for your personal life.

For instance, between 9am and 11am you might find that your time is best spent working on projects for your job. But come 11am, you find that a 5K run is what your body and mind needs. If that’s the case, put those periods in your diary.

Set these boundaries between work and personal stuff throughout the day – and stick to them.

2. Use a to-do app

It’s so easy to forget where you are with projects and what you need to be doing next. But if you use one of the countless to-do list apps out there, you’ll find that you’ll have a far easier time keeping on top of everything.

The key lies in finding a to-do list platform which enables you to categorise your tasks. That way, you can easily distinguish between your work duties and the things you want to complete in your personal life.

3. Set yourself goals

We all work better when we’re striving to hit a goal.

If you can make your work and personal goals as relevant and achievable as possible, you’ll find yourself hitting them far more often. The pay off can be anything you want (see our next tip), but the important thing is to keep renewing those tasks as soon as you smash each one.

How to separate work and personal tasks

4. Promise yourself a reward

Goals are important, but so too are the rewards at the end of them. And they don’t have to be anything extravagant either.

For instance, you might simply promise yourself a quick thirty minutes gaming session or that chocolate bar you’ve been craving all day. But whatever rewards you promise yourself, make sure you only indulge in them when you’ve completed one of the goals you set in our last tip.

5. Create a separate working space

This might be difficult depending on how much space you have to play with at home, but there should be the ability to separate your work-from-home space from the rest of your life.

If it’s the spare bedroom, that’s perfect. Just make sure you shut the door at the end of the day. If it’s the kitchen table, make sure you clear all of your work stuff away once you’re finished.

Physically separating your personal life from work is absolutely vital if you’re to enjoy these two contrasting elements of your life.

Wrapping up

How to separate work and personal tasks; It’s a lot easier than you thought, right? Although it won’t be an overnight success, the more you follow the tips above, the less likely you are to have work and your personal life clash.

This will leave you more productive and, more importantly – far happier as you go about your daily tasks.