Philip Bloom

Whenever anyone talks to me about filmmaking and asks for advice the first person or resource I refer them to is the world renowned DP and undisputed king of DSLR’s Philip Bloom.

I first discovered him way back in the very first year I started studying film making in a serious way. Like Philip I hated the plasticly look of the prosumer video cameras that were popular at the time (and were available to me in my education). One of the only ways to combat this awful image was to use very clunky and heavy depth of field (DOF) adapters, that would soften the digital picture way too much to laughable levels.

Phillip Bloom in the Snow

Whilst reviewing one of these DOF adapters in the field, Philip’s assistant was using the game changing Canon 5DMkii, a stills camera to which video had been added as a gimmick for photo journalists. When reviewing the footage Philip was blown away with the results. Not only was the photo/video image produced by the large full frame sensor of this camera both beautiful and of excellent quality, but the ability to control ISO for better shooting in low light situations, and the interchangeable lenses allowed for a much more creative and filmic look.

Philip soon found himself at the crest of the wave, becoming one of the foremost experts for large sensor, digital cameras. He had put out countless hours of content reviewing video filmmaking gear. Everything from small prosumer mirror-less cameras, heavyweight video only REDs, the latest stabilisation rigs, sliders and tripods, to the ever growing variety of drones that are available on the market. He has spent infinitely more hours creating these, which he put out for free on his blog. Despite discussing the technical issues and specs of any project or piece of equipment, his main focus in his reviews have always been about how something works practically out in the field, which I’ve always found so much more useful as someone who was actually going to go out and make films.

He has worked for all the major UK broadcasters, such as the BBC, ITV, C4 and Sky, as well as huge production companies like Lucasfilm and countless independent production companies and many others around the world including CNN, CBS, Discovery, FOX and NBC.

This September he is releasing a masterclass course, at a very good price, which promises to be very comprehensive, up to date and a fantastic culmination of all he has put out.

I would really recommend anyone to support him in this project, you will definitely benefit and learn something by doing so.

Also check out the epic series ‘The Wonder List‘ for which he was DOP.

It feels weird recommending a 3 year project which is literally about to finish for good. However I have had endless enjoyment from listening to this insane experiment.

The Worst Idea Of All Time is a podcast hosted by Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt, two New Zealand comedians who watched Grown Ups 2 once a week, every week for a whole year. The duo then watched Sex and The City 2 52 times. They are currently watching WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS. 52 times.

What started as simply a stupid idea, quickly turned into a public mental unraveling of two grown men, week by week. The podcast has been downloaded over 5 millions times since it began in Feb 2014. They hope you enjoy the show and recommend you join their Facebook page.

Does What It Says On The in Tin

I have only watched 10mins of just one of the 3 films they have watched every week for 3 years, as they are literally just awful, awful movies!

Tim and Guy are very funny guys and deserve a huge support in whatever their next venture may be.   If you listen back through the series, my letter was read out during Series 2 (on their sister podcast ‘The Friends Zone’) where I talk about my brothers anatomy!

Baby Driver

Finally… Check out this awesome article about the incredible on set editing and sound design for Edgar Wright’s new film, Baby Driver.


I’m a big fan or Edgar Wright’s back catalogue, Hot Fuzz is one of my all time favourites (a prefect understanding of the cop show/action genre… whilst taking it right out of context by setting it in a peaceful village in the countryside). His work is always really well written, brilliantly directed and he evokes excellent performances from his actors. And for a film buff like myself I love the many homages to classic film and TV that he constantly references.

Edgar Wright with his boys

But right from the beginning of the almost incomparable TV Series Spaced, Music and Sound Design always play an absolutely pivotal role. Not only does he weave what is an often forgotten aspect of filmmaking into his wider storytelling thus enhancing the whole experience, but also he uses sound as a character that drives the narrative and literally interacting with the characters, influencing their actions.

Baby Driver takes this to a whole new level as every element in this getaway driver movie is meticulously choreographed to the music being listened to by the films lead protagonist. This was a massive undertaking requiring the editor to be on set for every scene!

The film Baby Driver is currently out in cinemas – but if you just want to stay in, Hot Fuzz is also on Netflix!

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