At the time of writing, summer is just around the corner, and if it’s to be anything like the summer of 2018, we’re in for another very hot one indeed.

This is great when you’re kicking back and relaxing during downtime, but can be an absolute pain during work hours.

Most of us have experienced the draining feeling of sitting in a hot office, desperately trying to concentrate on the to-do list. After a while, it simply becomes too much and productivity inevitably slips.

Thankfully, we’ve got five brilliant ways you can remain ultra-productive at the height of a British summer.

1. Embrace it – work outside!

This is probably our favourite because there’s nothing quite like getting all ‘continental’ and taking the laptop outside when it’s nice and warm.

If the office really is too hot and you have somewhere to work outside, why not make the most of the relatively short summers we have and get out there instead?

2. Start and finish earlier

Providing you’re not bound by specific working hours, you can do a lot worse than adjust your start and finish time during the summer to account for the heat.

It’s always a lot cooler earlier in the morning, so why not get up before your normal alarm and start work straight away? The bonus? You’ll be able to finish earlier and make the most of the sun!

3. When things get too hot – get out of the office

If temperatures get particularly stifling and you simply can’t concentrate any more, get out of the office and take some time off work.

If you’re a business owner or freelancer, this choice is, of course, yours to make, but if you work under someone else or within a bigger organisation, have a chat with the boss; they have a duty of care, and if you ask nicely enough, the rules might be bent for all staff in instances of extreme heat.

4. Shift your working pattern based on weather forecasts

We’re lucky enough to have access to a wide range of weather forecasting apps these days, and they’re pretty accurate.

With that in mind, it makes sense to look ahead a day or two and see what the weather is likely to be doing while you’re working. If a heatwave is imminent but the weekend looks cooler, consider shifting your workdays so that you’ll be in the office when its cooler.

Flexible working patterns are more common these days, and the summer is usually the most convenient time to put them into action.

5. Drink plenty of water and look after your body

This is a productivity technique that should apply all year round, but it’s particularly important during the warmer months.

glass of water

Make sure you drink plenty of water while you work. Ensure you have a bottle or glass topped up and by your side at all times.

The more you look after your body, the more you’ll fuel your brain and consequently be more productive – even when it’s particularly warm outside.

Wrapping up

The summer is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable times of the year, but it shouldn’t get in the way of your work. Use our tips above to remain productive even when the temperature begins to increase.