Running a marketing team is challenging. With so many personalities, skill sets and projects to monitor, improve and deliver on time, keeping everything in check is a daily struggle for managers.

Thankfully, we now live in a world that offers a multitude of tools, apps and services which are designed to help marketing managers raise team productivity, increase output and remove any signs of inefficiency.

In this blog post, we’re going to look at five team and project management tools that help people work together and get their work done to the highest possible standard.

Man and Woman using Post it Notes on Window


The Kanban technique can trace its origins back to the early days of Toyota, where the car giant realised the ‘just-in-time’ production system would enable them to remove bottlenecks on the assembly line by limiting the number of tasks undertaken during each stage of the process.

In marketing, Kanban looks a little different, but the same principle applies. Imagine a large white board with three columns (‘to-do’, ’doing’ and ‘done’), that contain the constituent elements of each project. One glance is all you need to see the stage of each job.

Trello transfers that traditional Kanban white board into the digital realm, and it works brilliantly.


If you’re fed up with running out of white board space, RealtimeBoard might just come to your rescue.

This is an ‘infinite whiteboard’, which can be used for virtually any project management task you can think of. Users can add screenshots, create mood boards, map out customer journeys and brainstorm, all from one app. It’s a brilliant, addictive way to get big ideas down – together.

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Anyone who works in marketing at management level will know that there’s a vast amount of note taking required.

From client meetings to campaign planning, marketing managers need to ensure their notes are filed consistently and are easily retrievable for future reference.

Evernote remains one of the best ways to do this without a notepad and pen. And it works brilliantly for teams, thanks to in-app chat and the ability to quickly share notes with colleagues.


If you’re forever losing track of the progress of tasks and Trello’s take on the Kanban technique doesn’t quite do it for you, Asana might be a very welcome alternative.

This is a traditional project management tool that is beautifully designed and which can be accessed on virtually any device. As a manager, you can assign projects and individual tasks to team members, and documentation can easily be shared and attributed to each job.

Much like many tools of this kind, Asana also includes great collaboration and chat features, enabling the whole team to keep campaign discussions tied specifically to the tasks in question.

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Nothing quite beats face-to-face communication – particularly in an area as fast moving as marketing.

However, Slack is proving quite the companion for traditional communication, and for many businesses, it has successfully replaced email as a way to quickly share ideas, documents and research material.

It’s free, too, which means your team can sign up to it today and begin benefitting from a virtual chat room which enables you to categorise chats by ‘channels’ and privately message each other when a little confidentiality is required.

Wrapping up

The list above isn’t exhaustive, but it does represent what we believe to be the most efficient ways to keep your marketing team productive and your campaigns running flawlessly.