Need to work from home? Great!

We thankfully no longer live in a world where home working brings with it countless disadvantages and workarounds.

This is most notably the case when it comes to conferencing and teleworking (wow, that’s an old phrase, eh?). There are tons of brilliant apps and platforms to help remote teams collaborate as though they’re in the same room.

We’ve picked out the five best so you don’t have to, and we’re not even going to list Skype. Aren’t we nice?


1. Zoom
It’s hard to not start this list without mentioning Zoom first.

Thanks to what many believe is a continual downward spiral in terms of call quality on the Microsoft-owned Skype platform, Zoom has become a rather popular alternative.

It has a perfectly useable free tier (limited to 40 minutes for group calls), but is nicely digestible, price-wise if you need more than that. In fact, it can allow up to 200 participants, unlimited cloud storage and vanity meeting URLs, too.

2. Whereby

Great video meetings app. One of the best features is that your guests don’t need to download or sign up for anything to join your meeting.There is nothing more annoying that when you have to sign up for yet another tool. They also offer a free personal us plan with one user and meeting room.

3. BlueJeans
A favourite in the corporate world, BlueJeans is a video conferencing app with lots of awesome collaboration tools.

Despite this, it’s refreshingly simple, doesn’t require software (just run it through your web browser), and features rooms and events that can be easily set up by participant.

You can try it for free, but a paid plan is required to make the most use of BlueJeans, although it’s respectfully priced for most businesses.

4. GoToMeeting
There’s no free tier available for GoToMeeting, but the pricing is fair, and perfect for larger enterprises.

You can start instant meetings whenever you need to, use transcription services and there’s a brilliant built-in meeting scheduler that makes regular meetings a cinch to configure and share with people.

5. WhatsApp Group Calls

The best thing about using WhatsApp is that your team and clients are most likely alreay using it. Therefore there is no need to download and sign up for a new tool. WhatsApp will also let you send files. You can learn more about WhatsAppp business up in our guide

Wrapping up
The right conferencing app for your business this year will be a very personal choice. It’ll depend on the team itself, the type of features they need to be productive and the devices they’re using.

However, we’re confident one of the apps above will work perfectly and ensure everyone can still stay in touch and feel like a team, no matter where they happen to be.