Business-to-business (B2B) marketers are still keeping video content as a high area of investment for this year, with no signs of slowing down.

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The annual B2B Content marketing benchmarks, budgets and trends report has been published and some interesting facts have emerged. Out of 1,200 B2B Marketers 73% now use video when content marketing. This is a 3% increase from last year and a further 15% higher from 2011. These results beg the question, why the increase in interest? It is evident that confidence in video as an effective marketing tool has increased. Statistics show the majority of respondents believe video as well as webcasts/webinars are growing in value for content marketing. For marketers of ‘steaming brand’ content, video sharing is encouraging, as it helps to spread brand messages. Another reason that marketers are becoming more and more interested is simply down to education on the subject. It is becoming apparent that 2013 is the year where everyone is talking about video, to the point where conference events commonly feature video-focused breakout sessions.

Online video marketing achieves better results than text based marketing ever could. The more shares, the more the message is spread and the longer it stays in the public eye. In comparison to Twitter and Facebook posts which usually dwindle after half an hour, video continues to accumulate views after three months of sharing. This new style of marketing is beneficial for younger users as they are already aware of the video sharing epidemic with around 35% of adults between the age of 35 and 49 are also making use of the video sharing.

What are the reasons for this continued growth in video marketing? The answers are fairly simple as it is now easier than it has ever been to create and publish online video content. Solutions such as “Brain shark on demand” and “Video sync” provide a quick and easy way for marketers to increase their video presentations. Popular platforms like YouTube are a powerful force behind the increase in online marketing. YouTube marketing works the same as Google Adwords pay per click campaign, a method that is already present for online marketers making it easily understood and accessible to marketers.

According to the CMI survey 73% of respondents are using YouTube as a content marketing channel. This figure is up 12% from 2012.

In reference to SEO more organizations realize that video can add optimization strategies. 62% of google universal searches feature video and video is now 50 times more likely to get a higher page rank in comparison to plain text search results.

More Interesting Facts

– Mobile marketing is also growing, 38% of people surveyed now use mobile content specifically as an individual marketing tactic.

– Linkedin is the leader in social media world content marketing with 92% of B2Bs now using it primarily. Which is an 8% increase form the previous year positioning it comfortably ahead of twitter and Facebook.

– 50% more online videos shared in 2013 than 2009.

– 31% of people upload and share independently.
Source: Business 2 Community